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Lycanphoenix10/3/15 3:43pm
First, did you just say "Clips"? If so, then I hope you mean ACTUAL clips and not just magazines being referred to as clips.

Second, I agree with the idea of "build points", but we wouldn't want to make the character-creation process needlessly complicated.

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SandwichPie10/5/15 11:48am
Okay then, here are some ideas. Please tell me how to improve them because without feedback, this game will not end up being fun.

Species creation works by first choosing a 'template' for your species (avian, mammal, aquatic extů).
Then you will add any general modifiers you wish (Large, skinny, ext..). All modifiers have positive and negative points to them, so they help cater towards a specific play-style.
Lastly you will be given a selection of points to spend on physical traits. These traits may assist you (like claws (more damage)) or hinder you (like short legs (slower movement)). The good traits cost points and the bad traits gain you points. The point of the template species is so that if you want a trait specific to one of the templates, you can get it for half the points.
One last point worth mentioning is that you can re-buy the same perk, multiplying all of it's stats.
This allows you to play as pretty much any species imaginable and have the consequential quirks of being said species.

The only other part of character creation (other than RP data and skills) will be mental traits. You will have to pick two mental traits that your character will have (for example, stubborn). All traits will have pros and cons, and if the situation is appropriate you will be able to use the traits to help or hinder your skill checks. The first use of a trait to help you will give +2DC, then +1, then no bonus at all. In order to regain eligibility to use the trait as a boon, you will have to use the trait to hinder you. This encourages good role play.

The next section is all about how I think guns should work. Originally I was going to make firing guns similar to D&D combat, but I wanted a way to make it so the different kinds of guns felt different to use. In D&D, a bow works the same as a sword, except for some minor differences. You just roll for aim, then damage. For this, I am thinking that automatic guns cannot use that system because when you have your gun in somebody's face, and you roll a miss, you effectively just missed 20 bullets of fire over several seconds. My proposed system for automatic guns is that you roll straight for damage, but take away a range penalty from the damage. This means that point blank shots will tear through your foes, but if you are far away many of the shots will stray from their path. This may seem overpowered, but they are not bullet efficient guns, so they will mainly be kept as side-arms.
Next, I was thinking of introducing gun type specific moves such as suppression. An automatic gun could be used over the course of the opponent's turn (chewing up 2 moves worth of ammo) making one opponent much less accurate, and if they decide to move you get a free attack on them.
Lastly, cover is important. You will get two kinds of cover, half and full. Half cover gives a -4 chance of hitting you and max gives a -8 chance. Alternatively, you could try to shoot through the cover so you do not receive an aim penalty, but the material would absorb damage. A bench would absorb something like 2 whilst a tree would absorb 8.

I will not go overboard and make the rules too complex. Anyway, how can I improve these ideas? Is there any features you would like in the TRPG?

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Lycanphoenix10/5/15 12:00pm
There is a third-party Pathfinder campaign with some very well-designed Firearm rules.

Just use those.

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