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Subscribe to this thread The Cartoon Thread created by Kymastrider on February 8, 2015

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Kymastrider2/8/15 9:11pm
Alright here's something different and interesting, how about a discussion of some of the cartoons we grew up with and how they have influenced us as adults. I was a 90's child so here are some of my favorite cartoons from that era.


The Real Ghostbusters

Techincally late 80s but it was in syndication in the early 90s, it certainly had a lot of surreal imagery for a kids cartoon, and had some decent animation and pretty decent writing.

Bucky O'Hare

This was a very short lived franchise, it actually had the potential to be the next teenage mutant ninja turtles, but it just never took off and ended after only 13 episodes.

Swat Kats

This would actually be my second favorite cartoon of all time, it was a big influence for my love for anthro animals and anthro animal fiction.


This had to be my favorite syndicated Disney cartoon from that era, there was just so many variety's of anthro animals throughout this series, and the animation quality was a like a Disney feature film just in smaller segments. I mostly like watching it for Don Karnage (even though he was suppose to be the villain to a certain extent I always thought he was good enough to be the star)

Batman the animated series

I've only seen the 90's batman, but what I loved as a kid was to me it felt like I was watching a big kids cartoon. The dark art style and serious storytelling was something I hadn't really seen that much as a kid.


Funny how you don't see any original Disney cartoons anymore (let me rephrase that, original good Disney cartoons anymore) but I forgot how much I liked gargoyles, seeing as it was Disney's take on the dark serious form of storytelling brought on by Batman they actually created a unique take magic and mythology in the modern day world that actually works pretty well. Not to mention a ton of memorable characters that I still remember to this very day.

The Raccoons.

One more cause really this could go on forever, but I think my absolute favorite cartoon growing up was actually one you probably haven't heard of unless you lived in Canada. The Raccoons was actually mostly 80's but it was syndicated in the early 90s as well. What I love so much about it is how timeless it is, I love how's it's characters and world are so 3 dimensional and had likes dislikes, and problems they have to overcome and solve (and it does this without having to be a preachy educational cartoon) I also love how its main character Bert Raccoon is a reminder that no matter how old you get you can still always be a kid at heart. This is a cartoon that I think everyone needs to see at least once.


And that about Raps it up for now, any Cartoons you may recognize, any cartoons you may want to share with people, lets hear them.

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Animefan182/14/15 12:44pm
Megas XLR.

let say in the future, Earth's on a losing streak to some alien army. What's the solution: send a huge awesome robot back in time at the start of the war. No problems right? oh wait, it got sent back to the wrong time period AND landed in New Jersey. Can it get any worse?an instant fav on this cartoon.

here's the first episode to get the of the story:

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crazyhead422/14/15 8:44pm
Teen Titans all the way. But then, I'm young enough to have grown up with it. XD

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