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Subscribe to this thread Introducing the Courier created by leafkin on February 1, 2015

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leafkin2/1/15 7:48pm
Name: Lann Kirathi
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Lann is a lapine of fairly stocky build, though he is generally tall, and in good shape. He is usually seen nursing a cut or a bruise, from his many courier runs through the city. He possesses long hair, which gets in his eyes when it isn't tied back into a short pony tail, and has off-white fur, with dark brown circular marks around his eyes.

Traits: Clever. He can think on the fly, wether it be an elaborate lie, or a quick escape route from the thug-filled alleys in the shadier parts of town. He utilises his healthy shape to traverse, of freerun around the city. He isn't very good at it, however, due to a fear of heights. Lann has learned to use his Power to compensate for these things.

Power: A short range "teleport". Lann has the ability to fold space around him for a short distance, as long as he is moving, and has the mental stamina to do it. If he is determined to make the jump, then he will make it. However, Lann can be sometimes considered a coward, and his will can easily be shattered, though it can be built up just as quickly. His mastery of this Power can only come through self-perseverance. The teleport appears as a bright purple rift emanating from his hand, as he 'claws' his way to his target spot. His halo appears smiliar, as three bright purple scratches in the air above him.

History: Lann was born as the middle child in a family of five. He loathed academia for most of his life, having learned little from it he didn't already know off-hand. Living in the poorer sections of Anduruna, Lann fantasized about the "good life," perched atop his 'usual spot,' on the pinnacle of a rather tall roof. He'd climb up alone, and watch the city breathe, its inhabitants move through the streets like lifeblood. Lann discovered his power, after making a friend from a wealthier part of the city. This friend would swap stories, only fuelling Lann's desire for the finer things. It reached a pinnacle(literally), when he missed a jump from ledge to ledge on his way up to his spot. As he clawed the air, his vision turned white, and he found himself sitting on the roof.

A passerby watched Lann, calling him over. "Y'er very good at that." he said. "D'ya have a job yet, kid?" The young lapine shook his head. "Well, I gots a thing I gotta deliver to a friend just a couple blocks down. I reckon you can get this thing over in a hot minute. How's sixty sound?" The stranger offered Lann money, which he was in desperate need of. He enthusiastically took the job, running over to the house, and using his newfound Power to hop up on his "client's" window. It seemed like fun for a while, but after years of package delivery(for increasingly shadier people as he grew older), he started to loathe it.

Lann was risking his life every day for a sidetrack job. He wanted to live the 'good life,' but he was always losing money to debts he owed to seedy underworld doctors, who he more often than not visited to fix him up. He wanted to escape, now more than ever.

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