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Subscribe to this thread DreamKeepers Second Life Group created by RennacFaintheart on February 12, 2013

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RennacFaintheart2/12/13 11:26am
I'd like to start up this thread to keep everyone up to date with the dreamkeeper group started by myself and Gyaku Darkblood on SL. As of right now we are stil in the low end, but we are checking people out to help build some of the items for the DK sim when we have enough support to make it happen. If you know someone or are interested in joining, feel free to let us know in the thread or to contact us on SL.

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Bubz912/12/13 11:46am
Hey all, Viscount Gyaku Darkblood here, kinda sad that my gal Rennac here beat me to making this thread, but oh well, its made and im glad she did it, you can contact her, Rennac Resident, or myself, Bubz91 Resident, in world at any time, i am on usually at least once a day for a couple hours, though this week is hectic for me i may only show up online once or twice, you can always message myself or her and we would be happy to invite you, and just a heads up we are taking donations to start up the sim if you wanna donate anything let us know, if not, no harm no foul i say.

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AriaOutlander2/12/13 5:51pm
I most definitely want in. You'll get a notecard from me as soon as my Viewer starts working.

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Hakuzo2/12/13 10:43pm
someone finally made a SL group for DK? I'm on SL sometime but I haven't gotten time to be on there lately. I'm not very good at building on there yet either.

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Bubz912/13/13 5:13am
well i promised Dave and Liz i would keep us growing, and yes im officially backed by them to make this group, so i am technically the only official fangroup on there, since theres none others.

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IvyKirax2/14/13 8:20pm
Hey there, I'm actually a big modder and builder on SL and interested in this. Currently I'm one of the admins of the Ravenlock Pokemon sim where I help build animated pets, script them, and help build the levels of each area in the sim.. On the off hand I just make mods for avatars under the Spare Parts modding crew. My SL name in world is Ivy Steampunk, pretty sure you can find it in search, in Ravenlock or at the Spare Parts main store, or its easy enough to find on the marketplace as well.

Otherwise currently I don't have a computer to run SL but I hope to get a replacement computer soon. If you wish to see some things I've made and helped with, Mindy Runo, the owner of Ravenlock would probably be happy to help point out some examples I've done. Once I'm back on there however I have ideas that I can add to the sim including animated and interactive/catchable Ryuu-Neko, perhaps propose to Mindy to help advertise the DK sim, as well as help implement any ideas in the DK sim =)

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Bubz912/14/13 10:05pm
Ivy, i happily accept any and all help you are offering for this, in fact being so forward and eager to help. i wouldnt mind making you an officer for the group. if you are willing to take the job that is.

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IvyKirax2/14/13 10:25pm
Always open to helping with these sorts of projects so of course =)Like I said my in world name is Ivy Steampunk, and I won't be able to get much in just yet in the way of help with no decent running computer to handle SL but when I'm back on I've got all the time in the world to work on things.

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Hakuzo2/16/13 3:24pm
I also help out on Ravenlock as well. I'm also a builder admin, granted I still don't have much experience though. but now that I have a job currently I'm not sure if I'll get free time to work on these things.

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RennacFaintheart2/16/13 4:47pm
Thats great to hear Ivy! I'm sure we could at least start perhaps selling some DK themed items in the SL market to start raising funds for the sim. Your experience with making pets right away would make Ryuu-nekos a viable item.

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IvyKirax2/16/13 5:11pm
Rennac: Of course! it'll be easy enough for me to post the Ryuu-Neko's up on the marketplace then give majority of percentage back to you or Gyaku. Got enough one prim vendors to do a "pet stall" on sim too and the same process of sending percentages back to either of you.

Since I can't really do much atm with getting on SL I'll just list what each pet so far can do.

~When clicked they can make one of multiple sounds placed within the pet.
~fully scripted walk or hop movements for ground pets. Flying is Automatic.
~Can Attack, Follow, Wait, Set Home, Wander and Control (For ground type pets). Floating or flying pets Follow automatically but when clicked they can be controlled with the movement keys before being clicked again to stop Control.
~Floating text option using /help to list possible controls. So you can actually rename your pets since most tend to be no copy no mod within Ravenlock but when selling I'd put them as no mod no trans. They can also, for the sake of roleplay, have their own emote channel to 'speak' with.
~Pets can be attached to Avatar Center and still animate when the avatar is walking, for places that can't rez on land.

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RennacFaintheart3/26/13 11:40am
The Ryuu-neko pets are up and ready for sale! Gyaku and I have already taken a look and they are incredible. Ivy has put a LOT of time and effort into these creations in support of the group. Take a look at her talent by buying one on the SL market or at her stand in SL.

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HazzardousEco3/27/13 9:10am
What is Second Life exactly? Afraid I've never heard of it...

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RennacFaintheart3/27/13 6:13pm
It's an online game which allows you to do anything. Cant really explai it, but heres a link to some info:

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IvyKirax4/5/13 5:40pm
Haven't got them quite into a vendor yet in world or sent to the market place. But I may get them ready for sale later after movies, presents and birthday cake :P yay 21st birthday. But for now, Here's some links to what they look like~


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