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Dreamkeepers Forums - Official Dreamkeepers Weekly Chat Thread (Now with Streaming!)

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Subscribe to this thread Official Dreamkeepers Weekly Chat Thread (Now with Streaming!) created by Kymastrider on January 29, 2015

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VLZerda9/15/15 9:28pm
Kind of excited I can make it to the chat this week. Never been to one.

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Kirito9/16/15 7:07am

Yeah, they're a lot of fun! Make sure you don't use the Live Chat button to the right of the screen. Go here instead:

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VLZerda9/16/15 9:05pm
I'll remember that.Thanks! @Kirito

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DanWithTheHat9/17/15 5:55pm
This week chat is going to be held on Dave's new picarto stream. He's gonna chat with us and do some art stuff. LINK HERE!!!!

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Animefan189/17/15 6:09pm
Will the stream be recorded and posted later?

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DanWithTheHat9/17/15 7:02pm
We aren't recording it at this moment. Next week, I can try to record it from my end. At the very least, the doodles he made will be posted on twitter most likely. Keep an eye out.

SO the first stream chat has come to an end. Dave really kicked his chats up to the next level. Answered some questions, did some doodles... It was a good time!

He is planning on doing the same next week so hopefully anyone who couldn't make it can jump on in next time.

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Kirito9/17/15 7:14pm
That was really fun! I feel like it was such a better way to communicate with his fans.

Also, he drew Evzen, so of course I liked the stream.

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Animefan189/17/15 7:41pm
With late evening classes in the way i can't join the live stream but thanks dan

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Prometheus9/17/15 7:55pm
I was in the stream, but not logged in. Using the Steam browser, the stream wouldn't load, so I didn't see or hear anything, but the chat was active. I'll have to jump on next week. :D

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DanWithTheHat9/18/15 4:41am
Pro: We have a few artists in the fandom that regularly stream. Maybe we can try getting picarto to work for ya in one of theirs first.

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Prometheus9/18/15 12:33pm

As I said before, I was using the in-game Steam browser. Steam doesn't work with most video plug-in's, hence why there was no video feed or sound. I'll be on a more compatible browser next week. ^^

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Kymastrider9/19/15 11:03pm

Lol you saved the Evzen doodled from last Thursday's chat as your new Evzen Avatar.

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Kirito9/20/15 7:29am

Indeed! I actually fell in love with the picture even though it's a sketch. I took it upon myself to touch it up and add some color to it in order to make it presentable as a forum icon.

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DanWithTheHat9/22/15 8:25pm
@Pro: Whoops! I missed that part of your sentence before. I read it totally wrong...

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Kirito9/24/15 6:55pm
Another chat in the books!

We got some awesome information on age of characters and a look at tomorrow's prelude!

In addition, the chats will be alternating between stream and text chats on chat wing and picarto! That means next week will be on Chatwing.

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