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Dreamkeepers Forums - Official Dreamkeepers Weekly Chat Thread (Now with Streaming!)

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Subscribe to this thread Official Dreamkeepers Weekly Chat Thread (Now with Streaming!) created by Kymastrider on January 29, 2015

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MrDarkwraith6/4/15 9:54pm
Oh My you missed so much! There were explosions and huge orgy's happening behind us! I thought I saw President Obama and Putin team up against Godzilla in a HUGE WRESTLING MATCH!

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MrDarkwraith6/4/15 9:55pm
Or it could've just been text going by really fast on my screen, i'm not sure.

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FoxPhantom6/5/15 7:26am
I missed it too because of work.

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Kymastrider6/18/15 5:02am
Well don't forget Dave's chat is tonight at this link.

Cant account all international Regions but U.S Timezones are.

9:00 PM Eastern
8:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Mountain
6:00 PM Pacific

This chat is really important to me this week cause I want to ask Dave questions about what extra features will be in Vol-1 Backers Edition since I know Vol-1 Version 2 didn't have any extra's. I also want to know if it's possible to at all get ours signed just for this kickstarter?

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FoxBrethren6/18/15 10:55am
I won't be able to attend the chats any time soon because of work, unless I look into doing it while on the job which is not the best plan.

I really want to congratulate Dave on reaching a new milestone. Maybe I'll try and take a late break to join up and send my regards. Do relay any info regarding your questions, Kymastrider, as I'm curious myself.

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ZycantAlpha6/18/15 7:07pm
Aaaand I completely forgot to show up. Oops.

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Kymastrider7/1/15 9:11pm
Alright, well I know tomorrow night is going to be the weekly chat with Dave, I know I've expressed my concern with people who want to just read the download file if V-4 right away are going to be anxious to chat, but I worry now that this discussion is going to reach the weekly chat sooner or later.

I really am looking forward to my physical copy of vol-4 to read, even though its going to take several months. I've just been feeling tense for some time since the majority has voted to read vol-4 now.

One wonders how exactly are the forum rules going to apply to the weekly chat now since those of us who want to wait wont be getting our books for at least a couple months.

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DanWithTheHat7/2/15 4:46am
Well in the IRC hat room, we had a spoiler room for Vol 3. Since we are using Chat wing, we don't have that luxury. If every one agrees, lets avoid talking about Vol 4 spoilers right away for this weeks chat and maybe next week as well. I know Dave is planing to have a Vol 4 online fan chat later in the month. We can also just save Vol 4 questions to then.

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ZycantAlpha7/2/15 9:17am
Seems like a smart idea. I'll keep my mouth shut.

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DanWithTheHat7/6/15 9:25pm
Just a heads up in advance. There is likely not going to be a chat this week as Dave is going to be at AnthroCon.

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Kymastrider7/16/15 4:12pm
I am hoping Dave all be on the chat this week, I was hoping we could keep vol-4 spoilers out of the chat, I still want to read the physical copy first. Plus I wanted to ask Dave when were going to get a new prelude update since there was no prelude update last week.

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Animefan189/3/15 3:45pm
In case i don't make it to this week's chat(got class during 6pm):

Questions for dave: will lilith see things differently after 'discovering' calah and tinsel?
Question 2: will we see lilith hanging out with kalei, jeneviv, and evzen more in future prelude arcs?

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Kirito9/3/15 3:57pm
Hey there Animefan,

I might not be there as well, but I'll make sure to ask for you if I do go!

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Kirito9/3/15 6:23pm

Seems Dave wasn't available tonight for a chat; probably busy with DK stuff. I was in there for twenty minutes but I had to leave, so if he did show up I missed him. Sorry about that!

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MobileCrusader9/10/15 6:41am
he showed up after about 30 minutes, but i dont blame you for not sticking around because i didnt either.

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