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Subscribe to this thread Thinking created by Roan on January 26, 2015

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Kirito2/10/15 6:39pm

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Rekt2/11/15 10:00am
Would be so up for that, moar horror!

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Asora2/11/15 4:20pm

*realizes he's volunteering in the wrong RP*


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Roan8/23/15 5:18pm
Ee, sorry, Evixtus has left the Dreamkeepers forum, too busy with personal life, I believe. She just really said she had a bunch of stuff going on, and then...just vanished. Anyways, I'd be open for Forgotten Luck again as well, if anybody is interested I can remake it.

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Aman37128/23/15 5:44pm
I would!

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joeden8/23/15 6:29pm
I'm still interested.

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Kirito8/23/15 6:49pm
Sure! And welcome back!

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Roan8/23/15 7:19pm
Good, I'll start an OOC thread, and then once all characters are up and a few more people join along with us, I'll get a starter going.

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Badept8/23/15 7:39pm
If we're throwing out RP ideas here, I can think of a few.

- An RP set in the ancient era of the Dreamworld. Probably a few decades before or on the onset of the silent centuries.

- A sci-fi RP set either in the future of the Dreamworld or in an alternate universe entirely. Maybe throw in some cyberpunk for the sake of sci-fi.

That's a couple off the top of my head.

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Roan8/23/15 8:36pm
Hm, I like the cyperpunk futuristic Dreamworld roleplay, that's a good idea, thanks, Badept

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ZycantAlpha8/23/15 9:10pm
Mind if I join in as well? I was interested in joining the first run through, so I'm definitely into joining the second.

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Roan8/23/15 9:21pm
Of course, Zycant!

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Aman37128/25/15 1:11pm
Would it be okay if I posted an idea here?

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Roan8/25/15 3:21pm

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Aman37128/25/15 6:02pm
I was thinking about a non-cannon RP that talked place in a pirate setting where a crew of DreamKeepers seek a lost treasure while dealing with powerful enemies, monsters, and other obstacles.

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