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Subscribe to this thread Thinking created by Roan on January 26, 2015

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Roan1/26/15 10:31pm
Sooo....I am in a really big mood to roleplay, and I need new ideas.

Soooo....could somebody help me? You can partake in it if you would like.

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joeden1/27/15 6:33am
I've not got many in the line of ideas for rps. I got one for a spirit ideas or a murder mystery? We've got a few running shadows is a little slow but the shocks is doing good.

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ST34LTH1/27/15 7:09am
Always good to see new blood here; although I have to admit it feels somewhat wrong for me to say that, to someone who's clearly been here longer than me. So I guess... Welcome back is more appropriate ;3

I think you'd be more than welcome in 'The Shocks', so if it interests you, I'd urge you to skim over it and join in whenever possible.

Happy RP'ing :)

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Roan1/27/15 4:29pm
I'lol check it out. Also, if anybody is happening to be new, please don't bite my friend Evixtus.

I got her into Dreamkeepers and she just joined.

Did I mention she's my roommate? XD

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Evixtus1/27/15 5:07pm

Nobody needs to know about me yet. /●w●\

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Roan1/27/15 5:46pm
Go away child. .x.

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ST34LTH1/27/15 9:20pm
Lol, I doubt there are many here who bite; at least not hard XD

Welcome to the Dreamkeeper's forum Evixtus.

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Evixtus1/27/15 10:42pm
Thank you, ST34LTH. uvu

Anyways, I have Roan to protect me. XD

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Roan1/27/15 10:57pm

Now go to bed because I can hear you giggling on the other side of the room.

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Evixtus1/27/15 10:57pm

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ST34LTH1/27/15 11:03pm
Lol. Good to see you're taken are of XD

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Kirito1/28/15 5:49am
We'd always be glad to have you and Eve in the rp section and the rest of the forum =D

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Aman37121/28/15 9:33am
It's a pleasure to meet you two!

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Roan1/28/15 2:35pm
We will be happy top join you all. ^_^

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Asora1/31/15 5:36pm

*sees conversation between Roan and Evixtus - realizes the truth*



*looks at my face - instantly realizes what's going on through statue powers*

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