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Subscribe to this thread Rest In Peace: Kitty0706 created by Prometheus on January 26, 2015

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Prometheus1/26/15 9:21pm
While surfing through the video game board in 4chan, I came across a thread announcing the passing of Kitty0706, a famous Gmod animator, losing his battle with leukemia/cancer.

I literally felt my heart sink when I saw this. I haven't checked any other sources to confirm this, so it may be a hoax. Then again, I'm half afraid to. I just can't believe such a talented guy, despite his sicknesses, is now gone. He had so many more videos to make and so little time to make them. I am just crushed by this. I loved his stuff.

If his passing is true, then this will be the thread to pay our respect.

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Prometheus1/26/15 9:55pm
Well, it's confirmed. His passing was of midnight of the 25th.

A really damn shame. I was waiting so patiently to see what his next big Gmod project would be. Now, it's over.

R.I.P. Colin Wyckoff, "Kitty0706", "SirElliot".

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FoxPhantom1/28/15 9:37pm
Sorry to hear. I never seen his work, but dang, may he rest in peace.

Edit: I did, just that I forgot, one of them being moments with heavy.

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Prometheus1/28/15 10:00pm

Yeah, it's really sad. His third battle with leukemia and it was his last. From what I hear, many other Gmodders looked up to him and had him to thank for the inspiration in their own Gmod work. Some of them actually started playing Gmod because of him.

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ezioauditore971/29/15 5:49pm
He was talented at what he did.It's a shame he passed on,but it's good that his work positively influenced so many others on GMOD.

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Asora2/3/15 4:49pm

*goes ballistic over third death*

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