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Kymastrider1/25/15 8:08pm
This is the original fanfiction I wrote for my DK character Kyma Strider, as of now there is only one chapter. I originally had it posted on DA but since I got into the use of the forums I decided to upload it hear for all DK fans to enjoy, anyway this first chapter follows A typical weekend with Kyma and his circle of friends, I will also link to you some fanart of my DK character (artwork courtesy of Lord-Kiyo of DA)




I also have a fourth character called Reggae who's like an Otter but as of now I don't have any art of him, but anyway I hope you enjoy my story.



Kyma's Story - Part 1

So where do I even begin, well I suppose anyone’s personal story could start just about anywhere. I honestly don’t intend to explain my whole life but I do feel a good place to start is one Saturday morning like any other. (My name is Kyma Strider, a 18 year old male dreamkeeper, my appearance would be like a fox with raccoon features, I do have black rings around my eyes and two around my tail, my fur color is turquoise and my hair indigo)Anyhow I was asleep up in my room when suddenly I got a crude awakening.

I apparently got a blast of water in my face which woke me up screaming. When waking up I immediately knew who it was.

“Poseidon you little shit when I said wake me up in the morning I didn’t mean hose me down!” I shouted.

BTW Poseidon is my water Ryuu-neko. I love him but I do tend to grow impatient with him from time to time. I felt bad for yelling at him however and he looked scared when I raised my voice so I then said “Oh come here, I’m sorry for yelling at you, I just wasn’t expecting a shower this early”

Poseidon being as forgiving as he is immediately jumped up on me and started licking my face, I fell backwards and started laughing saying "alright, alright, I take this that means I’m forgiven. Now why don’t we get something to eat, I’m starving."

After throwing on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts I was wearing yesterday we walked down the stairs, Mom was in the kitchen and my little sister for all I care was sleeping in as usual.

Mom then asked "didn’t you wear those clothes yesterday?"

as I was heating up some toast I replied "There not that dirty mom"

She then asked "and when are you going to cut your hair, your father said he doesn’t want to see his son looking like a mop top"

As I was crunching on my toast I asked "Why should he care it's not his hair, plus he's not even home most of the time."

She then said "your father works hard so we can have this house to live in you know"

I replied "I'm leaving now mom, got some stuff to do with my friends before tonight"

As I was walking out the door she replied "don’t tell me your still planning on going to party island tonight, you know what kind of dreamkeepers hang out there on Saturday nights"

I shouted as I walked out the door and down the front lawn "I'm an adult now I’ll do what I want"

I live in the Talocan district if it wasn’t already obvious, and like anyone who comes to visit us might say we have quite possibly the best beach's in all of Anduruna, I love living here it's always so warm and beautiful and most of the dreamkeepers here are very nice and fun loving. I could hear a shout as I began to notice my best friend in the dreamworld Reggae right down the street. (his appearance would be an Otter with an orange blue and white fur pattern, he's also one year older than me I always looked at him as the big brother I never had)

As I caught up he shouted "yo there Kyma how ya been"

I replied "Aside from a surprise shower from my Ryuu-neko and my mom harping on me about my hair again, you tell me"

As we walked Reggae said "cheer up man will meet up with Atlas and Zola at the Talocan central mall and have a good old time today."


A short Water car ride later we were there I could see Atlas waiting around at the fountain (Atlas is my second best friend; He would resemble an Armadillo. He's about the same age as myself. His skin color is yellow and his plate color is orange, He also has the tendency of being a klutz but we still like him)

I shout out as I hi-five him "long time Atlas, you seen Zola around?"

Atlas answered "She said she might be a little late, something to do with her dad"

Reggae said "I tell you Zola's father is a royal dick when it comes to her hanging out with us"

I Replied "well. I'd like to think he can be reasonable, sometimes, when he's not acting like a control freak"

We then heard the shouting of an all too familiar women's voice say "Hey guy's sorry if I’m a little late" there she was Zola (Zola's appearance would resemble a gecko, her scale color is a golden brown with light yellow tan, she also has long light brown hair. The way she walks talks and dressed she is very much a tomboy but always liked to remind us she's still a girl, regardless I always found her attractive.)

She then asked "So my boys shall we have a good time at the mall?"

You could say this was the grandest mall in this district, not nearly as big as the towers mall but still had a lot to offer. It represented the architecture and culture of Talocan and had plenty to see and do. Zola wanted to check out some new clothes which took some time as I volunteered to wait outside to see her model her outfits. Reggae and Atlas ditched me for the comic store those jerks. After we caught up we headed for the arcade where we wasted tons on lucre on the machines, we took plenty of turns on this game called dance-dance-king where you could look like a retard dancing infront of everyone, I’m normally not into those things but Reggae talked me into it. We then had lunch at this restaurant called Taste of Calypsa, it had a lot of unique and spicy seafood and shellfish from that district. Also the Calypsa Fermentae had a real kick to it. Atlas unfortunately still new to drinking tended to go a little overboard when sampling new flavors of Fermentae.

With our visit concluded we left the mall and took a stroll through the Talocan park district just a short walk from the mall. It has a lot of beautiful tropical plants and flowers that grow here. We all took a long rest under a shady tree as on the sidewalk some kids zoomed past on their wheel boards, you could hear a cop shouting

"Hey no wheel boarding on the sidewalks, your only allowed to do it at the wheel park zone down at the north end of the park” Wheel boarding which is another one of our pass times is a sport that originated from Talocan where you zoom around on the ground on a board with 4-wheels on it. Over the years however it’s become very popular among the youths of all the districts. You can of course do all sorts of cool tricks on it and there are even professional tournaments every so often.

You can actually find its origins from another sport here called Wave boarding. This of course is where you would take a really long board with no wheels out onto the water and ride the giant waves. This was something the four of us really loved doing, you could say were beach bums. In these days we lived such care free lives, we were dreamkeepers that lived in the present, not worrying about the future or where we were going. Like many dreamkeepers without a care in the dreamworld we wanted to believe that days like these would last forever.


As hours pass and the day grew late we found ourselves at the old shopping district closer to the coast, the sun was beginning to set over the ocean making a beautiful array of colors.

As we sat down by the pier Reggae said “where is Zola at now were going to be late if she takes much longer”

Atlas replied “you know she has been running late a few times today”
I replied “I’m sure she’ll be along any moment let’s just be patient”

Reggae having that somewhat instinct of a sly older brother figure to me looked over to me and asked “So tell me Kyma out of us three who do you think she likes the most”

With somewhat of a distilled expression I replied “well I always thought there were no favorites among the three of us”

Reggae said “I think you know what I mean though, I’ve seen the way she looks at you before, and I know you’ve always felt that special something for her”

With somewhat of a debated tone I answered “Well, I don’t know I never wanted to take advantage of her since she has this thing where she just wants to be treated like one of us”

Atlas replied “I can understand where you’re coming from but if you ever think there can be a chance you two can, you know be more than just friends go for it, Zola’s a great dreamkeeper after all, she likes all the stuff us guys like but she’s also you know still a girl, and a really beautiful one at that.”

Reggae then said “Yeah and its clear as day that your her favorite, you don’t want to let someone like her pass you by”

I was about to respond when I could hear the voice of Zola shout “hey guys sorry for the holdup I just had to do one last quick errand”

We all got up and Reggae said “well let’s not waste any more time, we can catch the next boat to party island if we hurry. It’s almost dark and we don’t want to be late for our concert”

“This is DJ Chris coming to you live from Party Island!” we all heard over the intercom as we arrived just as the evening festivities were getting started, and the music was blasting loud and dreamkeepers with glowsticks and bottles of Fermentae filled the streets. Party island is probably the most popular tourist spot in Anduruna, it has everything, nightclubs, theme parks, casinos, beaches, resorts, One of our other pass times was we had our own small band, it never became very successful, but for us it wasn’t about success it was about the fun.

I asked “so our instruments should be there by the time we arrive?”

Reggae replied “yah bro the delivery men arrived this morning so they should be there in time for our gig”

Atlas asked “this place sure looks big, and busy, I hope we can find the place, what was it called again?”

Reggae answered “Club Triple 6”

Sometime later we arrived outside Club Triple 6, we didn’t have to pay the door fee since we signed up for open mic, when walking in we observed another band up on stage. When they were done the stage announcer shouted “let’s give a big round of applause to the dark dreamkeepers!”

Even before their performance ended they were being booed off stage. The stage announcer said “alright settle down folks were going to take a short break while we set up for our band, Oceanic Crusaders.”

Reggae said “hey talk about perfect timing we almost missed our own performance”

After getting set up with our instruments behind the curtains we all waited patiently,
Atlas asked “do you think well do alright we never performed at a place this fancy before”

Reggae replied “You should be more optimistic it isn’t easy to get an open mic on party island, I had to pull a few string with my uncle”

Zola answered “judging in the stinkers that preceded us I’m sure we’ll do fine”

We then heard the announcer shout “and now for the first time at Club Triple 6 I present to you our next band, let’s have a round of applause for OCEANIC CRUSADERS“

The curtain swung open as Atlas began the opening beat on his drums and Zola shouted on her mic “are you ready to rock Party Island, cause were here to shake the very foundations of the dreamworld!” as the roaring of the crowd presumed Reggae and I began jamming on our guitars as Zola began to sing her lyrics.


Now cutting to after the performance we sat around the bar and discussed the uh mixed reception of our talent.

Atlas said “well we got somewhat better praise then the last band”

Reggae replied “what ya expect this is a hi class joint compared to what we were used to playing before”

Zola answered “well considering the professionalism in music there is these days it’s hard for anyone to be that impressed with a startup band like us.”

I answered “we’ll just have to practice more and try again, it doesn’t matter if others don’t think were good, the important thing is we think were good” everyone agreed with me as we smacked out Fermentae bottles together.

As we left the club Reggae said “well the night is young and there is still so much to do here”

Zola then replied “actually I think I might have had enough excitement for tonight” She looked at me and asked “If you really don’t have any plans I’d feel safer if someone walked home with me”

I could see Reggae winking at me indicating I should go for it so I replied “sure”

As we walked I could hear Reggae say “well guess it’s just you and me tonight Atlas, and wait till ya see the Raves on this island.” It got me thinking I didn’t even get to see much of Party Island but I just felt like this was more important.


When we got back to the main land Zola began tugging on my hand and said “come on this way”

she apparently wanted to lead me down the stairs from the pier onto the beach, I said “I…… I thought you wanted to go home”

she then said “well I changed my mind now I want to go to the beach”

Not wanting to argue why I decided to let her lead me down the stairs and across the sands, we wondered for away from the streets, buildings, lights, and other peeping eyes of other dreamkeepers to a secluded spot. Holding my hand she collapsed onto the sand and I collapsed next to her.

She looked so beautiful under the sparkling palm trees. She looked in my eyes and asked “I always wondered, do you like me?”

I began to feel my heart tremble as I asked “like, like you like you?”

she chuckled and replied “I’m asking cause ever since high school we’ve all been really good friends, but with you I’ve always felt we had that special something. So do you want to be, you know, boyfriend and girlfriend”

I really did not know what to say. In the end I felt like I wanted her and she wanted me, could us being boyfriend and girlfriend really work out, and could it even last, could we really be together forever or would we end up drifting apart? She then grasped my hands and said “Kyma you’re shaking” she looked into my eyes and said “you don’t have to be afraid, I’m here” she then put her arms around me and whispered “For now let’s just try it out to see if we like it. But you know, for all the year’s I’ve known you I don’t think I could find another like you”

I don’t know why but I was crying, for some reason I just felt like I didn’t want to leave her side. She then said as she was reaching into her pocket “BTW the reason we almost missed the boat earlier was because I had to make a special stop for this”

she showed to me what looked like two half’s of an large gold amulet both of which were on a necklace chain, one half of the broken amulet had a Red gem on the top and the other had a blue gem on the bottom, there were also some strange markings on both half’s.

I asked “what is it” She told me with a chuckle “I got it from a Kojiki merchant at the market. He said it was called a Unity Amulet, according to Kojiki folklore it represents a bond between the two dreamkeepers that wear each half of it. The joining of two spirits, and no matter how far apart they are, there always together as long as there each wearing there half of the Amulet. I wanted you to have the other half because you mean the most to me”

As she handed me then put the half with the red gem around my neck, smiling I said “thank you so much Zola, I’ll treasure this necklace for the rest of my life”

she replied “and you haven’t even seen the best part yet wait till we put them together” We then combined our half’s of the amulet and something amazing did happen. The two gem stones started to glow bright red and bright blue, the markings and outline of the amulet also started turning a bright green color and what looked like green specks of glowing dust began to appear around us.

As we looked around I asked “this is incredible, how is it doing this” Zola answered “The merchant said the gems are very rare, they glow when the metal of the amulet is brought together and it also makes the metal in the amulet glow too.”

I asked “How did you afford something like this” she answered “that’s the funny thing; he gave it to me for free. He said the lucre wasn’t important, what’s important is that this amulet brings dreamkeepers together and he could tell my someone special was very important to me” For some reason I was just entranced by the moment, of all the dreamkeepers she could have given the other half of this amulet to she chose me, that actually made me really happy inside. But what was to happen next was really unexpected.

She stood up and said “well now I think I want to go for a swim” I replied “I uh didn’t bring my bathing suit” laughing she answered “neither did I” she then threw her shirt off and asked “Well what are you waiting for?”

I suddenly knew what she had in mind, I had no idea Zola was this open minded, but I would have been a fool to turn down such an invitation. What happened next well after discarding our clothing in the sandy shores was like a dream within a dream (no pun intended) at that moment between our laughter and us happily chasing and tossing in the shallow cool water among the moonlight and the starlight. She then dragged me into the deeper water as we dove under, the moonlight against the ocean floor and the fish swimming about looked absolutely beautiful.

As we surfaced up for air she looked into my eyes and me into hers. We floated above the surface of the ocean starlight and moonlight illuminating the water. With us cradling each other in our arms we finally kissed. I didn’t know what this feeling was but deep down I felt it had to be love. The warm embrace of her arms around my body in the cool ocean, the soothing kiss, and the magic of the night gave me comfort and joy. I felt like as long as I was with her nothing bad could ever happen, I loved her and wanted to be with her, forever.

To be continued...

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