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Dreamkeepers Forums - 8chan Thread (18+/Mature Users Only)

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Subscribe to this thread 8chan Thread (18+/Mature Users Only) created by MobileCrusader on January 25, 2015

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Prometheus1/26/15 10:35pm

Well, let's not forget that Dave hasn't posted a new voting incentive for this month and it doesn't appear he intends to. New content is what draws the voters in. But, even then, you're right. It's a losing war against webcomic giants like TwoKinds. For someone who draws nothing but teasers and no porn to speak of, Tom gets quite a bit of votes every month, numbering into the ten thousands.

Random Fun Fact: Tom Fischbach is the brother of Markiplier, a rather popular LP Youtuber.

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ST34LTH1/26/15 10:40pm
RFF-Response - Aspirations, such as those, tend to run in families after all. Even if they didn't originally both want to do web-artistry, one likely inspired the other. ;)

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FoxPhantom1/26/15 10:42pm
@Promethus, thank you, somehow I keep forgetting that piece of info. (p.s: also heard of Markliplier.)

@stealth, which rank was DK on? :O

Also, Mobile is in charge of the thread?

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ST34LTH1/26/15 10:56pm
Currently on 35th, with 1537 votes.

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Kobalt951/26/15 11:12pm

Lol, when I found out that he was Markiplier's brother a few months ago, my jaw dropped to the floor. xP

Plus, Markiplier mentioned his bro's work in a video of his last year so that probably boosted TwoKinds' readership a bit. I don't read the comic myself, but from what I read it is alright- just a bit overrated. Dreamkeepers is much better in every aspect in my opinion. Shame it doesn't get the recognition it deserves. But the series isn't over yet, and there is a lot of time to gain new fans.

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ST34LTH1/27/15 2:51am
Truer words might have been spoken, but I cannot think of them at the moment ;P

All Hail Dave vi Britannia!

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Prometheus1/27/15 11:32am

Well, TwoKinds commonly has naked to half-clothed furry girls while DreamKeepers: Prelude has kids. Which do you think is going to be the bigger draw for furries? XD When it comes to choosing between story and eye candy, the eye candy gets a landslide victory in this fandom.

And, yeah I practically fell out of my chair when I found out Markiplier and Tom are brothers. In fact, there's actually a Let's Play on Markiplier's channel that has him and Tom (on a mic) playing an MMO together. Small world we live in.

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ST34LTH1/27/15 9:00pm
True Prometheus, but it isn't really because TK has all that explicit nudity. A lot of sexual detailing is lacking or covered by fur, which is why I'm calling it a dubious theory to say that that is all there's behind it. Or perhaps I just don't find it that tempting to fantasize about TK, since I make up juicier stuff in my head, and as such don't get the attraction to it. :S

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DanWithTheHat1/29/15 9:06pm
Actually, the newest Twokinds vote incentive is exactly what you are describing. People just eat stuff like that all up. Its too bad too because there are tons comics with both better art and story that are pushed down the list because of stuff like that.

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ST34LTH1/30/15 6:28am
Yeah... Sad that

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Asora1/30/15 8:03pm
TwoKinds sucks.

*hears riot of TK fans coming after me - triggers C4*


*burnt and severed hand with TK tatoo hits floor next me*

I knew it.

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FoxPhantom1/30/15 8:34pm
Two kinds is different, though I haven't read it in a long while.
One thing I do agree on is that the incentives is what makes it one the top on the ranks.

Also, I don't think it sucks. Since it's pretty nice in artwork.

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Asora1/31/15 10:44am
Nice artwork, but bad dialogue and story. Trust me, watch Webcomic Relief's review of it on youtube.

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Prometheus3/10/15 11:52am
Gawwwwwwd DAMNIT!

Bad news. The DK thread on 8chan got pushed into oblivion. I would've bumped it a day earlier, but procrastination trumped effort. So, all that storytiming and smut-sharing... gone.

I guess that means I'll have to start all over. Maybe some users who saw the thread when it was first made, but had no interest in it will decide to check it out now. We'll see. I would share the book on 4chan, but they have a strict no-furry policy there.

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Prometheus4/24/15 10:39pm
Okay, the new thread is up. Chapter's 1 and 2 have been posted.

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