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Subscribe to this thread The Pulse: Scrapped Ideas (SPOILERS) created by Prometheus on January 19, 2015

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Prometheus1/19/15 10:05pm
So, with my recent post in the fan art thread, I thought I'd expand on that post with a little list of other plot ideas that I scrapped while producing my fanfiction, The Pulse (which is unfinished, btw).

*Pulse would find a young Evzen homeless on the streets after his parents are wrongfully imprisoned due to false accusations by Randy's parents. Evzen would agree to join the Order of Vega by Pulse's offer, becoming the first new recruit since the guild's initial collapse several decades earlier.

*Pulse and Viriathus were to be in a mutual relationship starting around Act VI, which is where the beginning of the novel is picked up in the fanfiction. Considering I've never even had a talk with a school girl, let alone any woman, lasting longer than two minutes, I don't even know how I would be able to write a romance angle between the two.

*The Aequitus Equitus Republic was initially going to be named the Andurunan Liberation Front.

*The Aequitus Equitus Republic was going to have an infantry weapons arsenal consisting of Star Wars clone trooper weapons that fired bullets using lunarous as an igniter like gunpowder, leaving behind a dazzling streak of blue, sparkling smoke with each round fired. After second thoughts, the AER arsenal was going to consist of real-life WWII weapons, tanks, and planes used by the Allied Forces. After deciding that would be overkill against the City Guard, I finally decided to base the AER's weapons off of those used in the movie "Avatar" by the Marines. I grew tired of that idea, so in the middle of the story, I changed the weapons and mentally based them off of some gun designs created by a dA user named BlackDonner.

*Wisp was going to be Pulse's long lost sister, but that quickly fell through.

And, those are just off the top of my head. I'm sure there were plenty of other ideas I had, I'll just need to think hard before I can add them.

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Kirito1/20/15 3:34am
If there's evzen I'm in

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Prometheus1/20/15 11:53am
XD Sadly, no. He's not in the story thus far, considering it's not finished yet. This was the only idea I had for him and it only would've worked had I made Pulse an assassin earlier in my story. But, I didn't stick with that, so I'm afraid whatever Evzen is up to, he'll be on his own.

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Kirito1/20/15 12:46pm
I mean I'm down with the evzen storyline =)

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Prometheus1/20/15 2:33pm
Gotcha. XD Maybe I'll make a few side stories in the future, detailing what the story would've been like had I not discarded the ideas I had.

The Pulse/Evzen plot may be the first side story I create. ^^

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Kirito1/20/15 2:34pm
You should!

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Prometheus1/20/15 2:43pm
XD We'll see.

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