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Aman37121/18/15 12:55pm
For those who are participating in The Shock, please post the bios of your characters here.

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Aman37121/18/15 12:56pm
Name: Sgt. Hinchcliffe

Nickname: Sgt. Hinch

Age: 51

Gender: male

Height: 5ft. 11in.

Physical Description: Hinch is a chubby snow owl who wears a navy-blue officer uniform and a monocle.

Skill: Hinch is a remarkable swordsman, despite being completely blind. He is also a very skilled officer and has had years of experience on the field.

Traits: Hinch is an eccentric individual whose playful and forgiving ways have made him one of the most likable officers of the government. always out and about, Hinch is either fooling around in his office or finding something fun to do in Anduruna. He is a very kind and wise individual who treats everyone including his Shock Troopers respectfully. However, Hinch usually does not take things seriously and goes by what is morally right and wrong. Because of his friendly and childish ways, Hinch had become unlikeable among most of the other officers, in which he finds “entertaining” and enjoys teasing them. Due to his blindness, he uses a seeing eye ryuu-neko to help guide him.

District: He lives in Anduruna, but does travel sometimes.

Motives: Unknown

History: Being born and raised in a wealthy but strict family in Anduruna, Hinch strived for adventure and wanted to make a difference in the Dreamworld. After he graduated high school, the owl left his family and joined the Shock Troopers. During many years of duty, Hinch was renowned for his unmatched skills in both combat and leadership, winning many rewards and large sums of lucre’ in which he donated it all to the poor and needy. One day however, Hinch was hit with a sparker at point blank during a gang raid, resulting in the permanent loss of the owl’s vision. Despite his blindness, he was promoted to sergeant and was greatly supported by his fellow shocks.

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Aman37121/18/15 12:56pm
Name: Dalia Mann

Age: 19

Gender: female

Height: 5ft. 9in.

Physical Description: She is a physically fit sabertooth tiger with dark tan fur, red spots covering her back, stubby teeth, brown eyes, and a tattoo of a long black serpent on her left arm. When not wearing her Shock uniform, she likes to wear a plain tank top and a pair of tight camouflage jeans.

Skills: Dalia is a very skilled fighter with strong leadership qualities, but also has a quick-temper and usually resorts to violence.

District: Calypsa

Traits: Dalia is a strict, hot-headed sabertooth tiger who is willing to take in charge and do anything it takes to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Strong and independent, she is not afraid to confront any challenge with her love for fighting. However, beneath her strong personality, she holds a deep pain from the death of her boyfriend and a childish soft spot for ryuu-nekos, owning five of her own.

Motives: To protect those who cannot defend themselves.

History: Born and raised in harsh conditions in Calypsa, Dalia joined the Shock after the death of her beloved boyfriend out of guilt. In the Shock Trooper Training Academy (STAC), she quickly risen above the ranks of even the most skilled rookies and dominated the combat training, even beating her mentor. The teachers of the academy were so impressed of Dalia’s performance that they promoted her to Private and assigned her to be the leader of a small squad of inexperienced rookies.

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Aman37121/18/15 12:57pm
Name: Ozo Renard

Age: 17

Gender: male

Height: 5ft. 5in.

Physical Description: Ozo is a thin, light greened lizard with red eyes, red markings on his eyes, a long purple tongue, and a yellow line that stretches from the back of his head to his tail. He also has a curly tail and yellow hands and feet that are webbed. Although he wears the tradition Shock uniform, he likes to carry his gadgets around on his belt and backpack. (he will begin with typical Shock Trooper gear)

Skills: Having a great knowledge over technology, Ozo is very skilled in making gadgets for himself and his teammates. He is also very strategic and organized, preferring to stick with a plan.

District: Margate

Traits: Ozo can be described as a clumsy and meek fellow who'd prefer create a strategic plan then charge into the front lines. Although he can screw up sometimes and can be a bit faint hearted, he is supportive, obedient, well organized, and determined to complete his missions. when it comes to planning, Ozo prefers to strictly follow through with a strategy during a mission and gets annoyed when his teammates don't follow through with it. However, Since Ozo is very physically weak, he relies on his smarts, gadgets, and the cooperation of his teammates to complete missions

Motives: To prove that he can be just as great as his father was.

History: Scrawny and clumsy, Ozo joined the Shock Troopers after becoming fed up of being made fun at his school. With his biggest motivation being his deceased father, who was once a renowned Shock Trooper, Ozo is determined to use his skills to become as great as his father was.

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Kirito1/18/15 12:57pm
Name: Zero
Age: 18
Power: Control of Fire
Gender: Male
District: Ruskol
height: 5'11.5
Light green eyes
taller than average height, about 5'11.5
Digitigrade legs
Dark grey hair/light black
Dress: Most often wears a black jacket, cargo shorts, and a scarf.
Fur Pattern: mostly solid gray, but has two stripes on his face, one under each eye. Here is a picture of him:

Zero was born and raised in the Ruskol District. He's 18 years old and dreams of adventure. Because of this, he oft participates in nighttime shenanigans with his few friends he's made over the years. Zero and his best friend, Russel, enjoy plotting adventures and getting into trouble. He's very quiet at first, and tends to intimidate people at first glance because of his wolfish appearance. He is very outgoing and protective with his friends. Loyal, friendly, and goofy best describe him.

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Kirito1/18/15 12:59pm
Name: Russel Moore
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Physical Description: Shorter, and a little scrawny. He has a a light brown coat and Black markings on his eyes:
Skills: Incredibly smart and quick thinking.
Traits: Tends to bite, very protective of his friends.
Motives: Stay alive I suppose
Other facts: ---

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Rekt1/18/15 12:59pm
Name: Locke

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 6’0

District: N/A-born Calypsa but has been a nomad since birth

Physical Description: Locke is snake-esque Keeper with smooth grey skin, bright green eyes, and short black hair. Two fangs sink from the end of her short snout, and the left of the two curves inward slightly. She’s used to wearing long coats and holster-belts, but has been ready to change for wherever she goes to. Save for the hat, she’s never, ever caught without her hat; a square-topped, flat-brimmed and well-worn treasure of hers. No matter where she’s gone, what she’s been, she’s always had the hat.

Skills: Locke has an incredibly quick draw with a pistol, and a good deal of accuracy at short-to-mid range to go along with it. Aside from that, she’s fairly adept at brawling. Though she has no real refined style, she’s good at giving hits and taking them, and her wiry form helps her to keep moving.

Traits: Quick, snappy, likes to get rowdy for fun but has a clear and definite understanding of serious situations. This however does not stop her from making light of them every so often. Also has a tendency to judge people and situations separate from facts presented, which can and has proven problematic.

Motives: An early lifetime of travel has finally worn off on her, and after discerning for herself the injustice in and around the city, Locke wants to bring peace and safety to Anduruna. At least, somewhere deep down that’s what she wants, however for the present she mostly wants to shoot baddies and make a home in the Shocks.

History: Locke was born to a family of nomads who roamed the districts and beyond the wall. Her father was a magician, her mother a trick-shooter, and her three brothers each excelled at music. They made a living as entertainers, and when she was old enough her parents taught her what they knew. Though she only ever really learned a few card tricks, the sleight of hand did come in handy when she took up her true passion; the springer.
Much to her mother’s glee, Locke learned fast. The two practiced day in and day out and as the girl grew into her teens she was keeping up with her mother step for step.
But then, nothing good lasts forever.
By her eighteenth year she was alone, and anyone who might know her face wouldn’t be able to track her down, for she’d had her name changed. Shortly after, she enlisted and cemented herself from then on as “Locke”, the name of her mother’s favorite gun.

Other Facts: N/A

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Rekt1/18/15 12:59pm
Name: Roark Vale

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3

District: Born in Norvondire, now rotates through penitentiaries

Physical Description: At face-value Roark does not seem like much; he’s lanky and when he isn’t wearing a leg brace, must walk with a cane due to a disease in his bones. His eyes are fronted with spectacles, and his teeth, though straight and clean are wickedly sharp. His fur is a sleek black with the only markings being red lined patterns upon his hands.

Skills: Roark knows how people work down to the last vein. Dreamkeepers young or old, big or small, he has accumulated a vast expanse of anatomical knowledge.
This, unsurprisingly, made him a valuable asset in the department of “extracting information” from prisoners.
If there’s one thing he enjoys more than studying the body, it’s torturing it.

Traits: Very smart, very knowledgeable of anatomy, torture, and unsurprisingly enough, the deeper and darker crime rings within Anduruna.
As for the physical, he doesn’t put up a good fight, and relies more on physiological attacks or subterfuge to take down his opponents.

History: Roark spent his earlier years studying to become a doctor; his fascination with the body lent him the drive to excel in school and it wasn’t long before he had secured a –albeit brief- job as a surgeon.
Roark was always a little bit “sick”, always enjoyed opening people up in surgery almost as much as the surgery itself. On more than one occasion he had “misjudged” the dose of anesthesia for his patients, leaving them very much conscious though mute and unable to move.
It didn’t take long for him to be fired for malpractice, but before he could be locked up for his crimes, a shady branch of the Andurunan government plucked him up to put his nature to a more practical use. He became a torturer, and his victims were usually power users or little fish in crime rings that the Shocks had reason to believe were tied to much bigger fish.
He didn’t really care who they were, he carved them all, big fish or small. And with the eyes of scrutiny less tuned to the delicacies of his work here than in the hospital, he even got to indulge in few little “frivolous” techniques once the captives had said what they’d needed to.
Enough had died during his sessions that the Shocks had him committed to the very wards he worked in. He didn’t mind though, because they kept him in his job; no one could get information like he did. Perhaps because no one enjoyed the job as much.
Nowadays his knowledge of crime in Anduruna and skills in his field have him being rotated from division to division, assisting in cases the higher-ups assign him to. Though he rarely sees field work, he maintains a presence where he stays. Even if he has to have his hands restrained when he’s not in the torturing habitat.

Motives: Roark likes to pick people apart, both mentally and physically. When he finds someone interesting he has a habit of latching onto them, almost to the point of harassment. That seems to be his key motivation, finding the next “interesting” individual to fantasize putti ng under his knife.

Other Facts: He’s very tidy, and has trouble controlling his impulses when it comes to cleaning. Has a taste for all sorts of music, and often asks his victims what they’d prefer to listen to during his sessions.

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Asora1/18/15 1:13pm
Here is mines. It's a bit long though, so, hang in there with this one:

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Aman37121/18/15 1:26pm
Name: Jazz Al'barzo

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Height: 6ft. 1in.

Traits: Goofy, wild, groovy, stubborn, silly, flirty, and a true part animal.

Physical Description: Jazz is a lanky, purple shrimp with four arms and three eyes. Due to his love for partying, he likes to wear very colorful clothing, including 1970s styled tie-dye disco clothing, love beads, disco shoes around his wrists and neck, and bright purple shades that cover all three of his eyes. He also like to wear a yellow fur coat. When using his powers, Jazz has a colorful halo that shines and sparkles like a disco ball.

Power: Jazz has the ability to control/manipulate neon. He can use his power to shoot unpredictable yet powerful projectiles made of neon and can use neon to enhance his physical combat. Jazz can also create physical objects made of neon that last a short amount of time.

Other Facts: Despite his lanky appearance, Jazz is a very good fighter and likes to incorporate disco moves into his fighting style. Although he is a high ranking commander in a large rebel group who leads a team of six, he usually prefers to dance and party rather than get too involved in rebel activities.

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ST34LTH1/18/15 3:10pm
The link below is for his bio

Please do keep in mind however, that the bio is supposed to be about 4-5 years after this RP's current timeline, so certain things are not quite as described within the bio.

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Asora1/18/15 3:12pm
Mines as well.

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Asora1/19/15 7:44pm
NOTE: To my personal opinion, I think including Asora Vengel into this RPS wouldn't make sense for his character and that events that he went through during his journey, so, due to this, I am planning on making another RPC that would fit more into this RPS, and make me start off a bit fresh from all of the development of my own RPS. So, here it is. Enjoy! :D


Birth Name: Isaac Remington

Nickname: Revton

Date of Birth: Marchis 27, 1160

Age: 65

Gender: Male

Appearance: Adult husky body with jet black fur

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.

Weight: 180 Ibs.

Eye Color: Sclera part is white, followed by the iris having an red/orange multi color and having a black pupil.

Clothing: Usually wears a button down shirt beneath a black nine-nine pea coat, followed by black jeans, and wears black slip-on dress shoes during the day. In the night, he wears a white marked mask, a black hooded cloak, and has weapons and kits with him underneath.

Halo: It appears to have a unique spiral movement with a combination color of red/white/and black.

Power: Accelerated Perception

Isaac "Revton" Remington has the power to use his mind and senses to process information at such speeds that time appears to have slowed down, allowing him to perceive what would normally be moving too fast to see and respond accordingly. This power gives him the capability to react very quickly to fast moving targets, projectiles, and etc., such as dodging bullets. This also gives him the capability to pull out any weapons of his choice very quickly and allowing him to aim and shoot targets within nano-seconds.

However, there is a bit catch though. Due to his age, and his body (after the gunshot to his backside) while using his ability, Isaac has to worry about the limits towards using it, so that he does not risk draining too much strength from his body and straining it while using his power for long periods of time. So, due to this, Isaac uses his power for about a few seconds, relaxes, and resumes, so that he can still feel in good shape.

Isaac's secondary ability to his power is to feel the slightest bit of resistance within his surroundings. While using this ability, Isaac can feel every sudden movement within his proximity, even to the smallest and slightest movement. Fortinually, while using this, it does not strain or weaken his body and mind.

Affiliation: Lives by himself in a 2 story house in the Ruskol District, and has contacts to his friends and family, including law enforcement.

Personality: Even though he is old, lives by himself, and is an well-respected retired shocktrooper, Isaac tries to seek adventure in his final years of his life as posing as a masked-hooded and armed "vigilante" during the night, in hopes of stopping crime in his wake and supporting Anduruna Law Enforcement. However, he has mixed views upon him by the public, social media, and the government, ranging from being an mysterious, yet, goodhearted vigilante, to being a plausible threat to society, and must be caught and brought to trial upon law. But, due to this, Isaac decides to ignore most of the backlash on him, and continue on his ways, hoping that what he is doing would be worth it.

District: Ruskol District. However, he has a safehouse in the Talocan District, where he keeps all of his weapons and kits he had obtained over the years of his life.

Motive: Posing as a masked-hooded and armed "vigilante", in hopes of helping society, law enforcement, and making the best of the last years of his life.

Allies: Family, friends, law enforcement, and his supporters.

Enemies: Dark Dreamkeepers, Nightmares, Bandits, Gangs, criminals, ignorant people, and Anduruna Law Enforcement.

Back Story:

Isaac "Revton" Remington was born and raised in the Ruskol District with his family. In his years growing up, he had become very well respected from others and earned good grades. However, he had dreams of becoming something great, in hopes of helping society around. In his later years as an young adult, Isaac decided to pursue the career as an shocktrooper after he had graduated from college.

Later, in the late 20's of his life, Issac had successfully became a shocktrooper, in hopes of helping society and abolishing crime throughout the city. However, after many years servicing as a well-respected shocktrooper, Isaac gets seriously injured in a gunfight with his fellow troopers, resulting in him getting shot in the back by a spring-loaded shotgun.

Even though the armor had saved his life, and going through surgery, Isaac still has strains in his back at times, resulting in him deciding to retire from service as a shocktrooper at the age of 52, while being scarred for the rest of his life, from being that close to death.

After several years living in his home and supported by his friends and family, Isaac decides to try and seek adventure in his final years of his life as posing as a masked-hooded and armed "vigilante" during the night, in hopes of stopping crime in his wake and supporting Anduruna Law Enforcement. When he is in doing his business during the night, he caries a unique set of skills, weapons, and kits with him, such as carrying an assault rifle, dual-wielded sping-loaded handguns, a couple of sparkers and smoke grenades, and the skills he had obtained during his years in service.

However, even though he is trying to do the right thing for society, Isaac has mixed views upon him by the public, social media, and the government, ranging from being an mysterious, yet, goodhearted vigilante, to being a plausible threat to society, and must be caught and brought to trial upon law. But, due to this, Isaac decides to ignore most of the backlash on him, and continue on his ways, hoping that what he is doing would be worth it, to him.......and society inside the city of Anduruna.

Quote: "Sometimes my dear brother, when you get put down from something that you truly loved within an just have to get back up and try to find another way to enjoy it within the final years of your life."

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