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Rekt1/17/15 7:48pm
Name: Roark Vale

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3

District: Born in Norvondire, now rotates through penitentiaries

Physical Description: At face-value Roark does not seem like much; he’s lanky and when he isn’t wearing a leg brace, must walk with a cane due to a disease in his bones. His eyes are fronted with spectacles, and his teeth, though straight and clean are wickedly sharp. His fur is a sleek black with the only markings being red lined patterns upon his hands.

Skills: Roark knows how people work down to the last vein. Dreamkeepers young or old, big or small, he has accumulated a vast expanse of anatomical knowledge.
This, unsurprisingly, made him a valuable asset in the department of “extracting information” from prisoners.
If there’s one thing he enjoys more than studying the body, it’s torturing it.

Traits: Very smart, very knowledgeable of anatomy, torture, and unsurprisingly enough, the deeper and darker crime rings within Anduruna.
As for the physical, he doesn’t put up a good fight, and relies more on physiological attacks or subterfuge to take down his opponents.

History: Roark spent his earlier years studying to become a doctor; his fascination with the body lent him the drive to excel in school and it wasn’t long before he had secured a –albeit brief- job as a surgeon.
Roark was always a little bit “sick”, always enjoyed opening people up in surgery almost as much as the surgery itself. On more than one occasion he had “misjudged” the dose of anesthesia for his patients, leaving them very much conscious though mute and unable to move.
It didn’t take long for him to be fired for malpractice, but before he could be locked up for his crimes, a shady branch of the Andurunan government plucked him up to put his nature to a more practical use. He became a torturer, and his victims were usually power users or little fish in crime rings that the Shocks had reason to believe were tied to much bigger fish.
He didn’t really care who they were, he carved them all, big fish or small. And with the eyes of scrutiny less tuned to the delicacies of his work here than in the hospital, he even got to indulge in few little “frivolous” techniques once the captives had said what they’d needed to.
Enough had died during his sessions that the Shocks had him committed to the very wards he worked in. He didn’t mind though, because they kept him in his job; no one could get information like he did. Perhaps because no one enjoyed the job as much.
Nowadays his knowledge of crime in Anduruna and skills in his field have him being rotated from division to division, assisting in cases the higher-ups assign him to. Though he rarely sees field work, he maintains a presence where he stays. Even if he has to have his hands restrained when he’s not in the torturing habitat.

Motives: Roark likes to pick people apart, both mentally and physically. When he finds someone interesting he has a habit of latching onto them, almost to the point of harassment. That seems to be his key motivation, finding the next “interesting” individual to fantasize putti ng under his knife.

Other Facts: He’s very tidy, and has trouble controlling his impulses when it comes to cleaning. Has a taste for all sorts of music, and often asks his victims what they’d prefer to listen to during his sessions.

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