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Subscribe to this thread Fan art! created by Kirito on January 17, 2015

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Kirito5/19/15 6:18pm
Ah, good, good. Glad to hear! :-)

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Kirito6/1/15 7:32am
Mace for JC2015

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Animefan186/15/15 11:35pm
a figure study on Lilith

I would love some feedback and/or critique on how I did with muscle placement

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Kirito6/16/15 6:50pm
I put in my two cents :-)

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ezioauditore977/15/15 3:04pm Vi about to go Sam Fisher mode on some nightmare.

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Kirito7/19/15 6:27pm

This was a raffle reward for FoxBrethren, and he requested his DK activating his power whilst falling.

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Animefan187/24/15 1:11am

a 'what if' based on last week's prelude.

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RemarkablyAverage7/25/15 9:27pm
Vi X gun best ship

Decided to try to redesign Vi's gun, ended up filling in the Vi behind it after it was done.

On a side note, these characters are amazingly fun to draw.

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ezioauditore977/26/15 7:13pm
@RemarkablyAverage They are very fun to draw indeed;Goodness am I going to draw up a storm of that beloved cast when I get home after reading Vol.4! I love both of your doodles you have up on your FA so far and really look forward to seeing you try your hand at other awesome cast members. :)

Anyways as for me here are a few fun Dreamkeepers doodlies I did.

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RemarkablyAverage7/26/15 10:09pm
@ezioauditore97, looking forward to your new stuff.
I really like the Nainso comic, subtle outlines are something I have always enjoyed (and failed at replicating).
Not much to say about Silk, (haven't met her yet due to a distinct lack of volume 4 on my PC).
I like the attention to details like the face marks and the binding on her clothes.

One recommendation of mine would be to always finish arms with some roughed out hands, even if on a sketch.

From looking around your gallery I can tell that it's not a habit of yours. I hope I don't come off as being picky.
Ignoring hands on drawings is the reason I'm still bad at hands after years of drawing.
(more than 7/10 sketches had hands hidden/removed)
Which is why I added the comment.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

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Kirito7/27/15 7:02pm
@Remage (hope you don't mind nick names ^^) and @Ezio

That is a very good point regarding hands-- and I'm still pretty bad at them. I only broke into the anthro scene like a month ago (ferals are my real interest). I start with a circle and make my fingers pretty sharp and pointy as per the style I'm going for. You can see what I mean here:

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ezioauditore977/28/15 5:52am
Nice stuff Kirito! I totally get what the both of you are saying about hands,haha. I really do appreciate it and will try to implement more of them;I'm sorry,but hands are generally the trickiest aspect for me while drawing! XD

Glad you enjoyed my gallery as well@RemarkablyAverage!

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RemarkablyAverage8/29/15 5:42pm

One "quick" picture that stuck in my mind after reading a year old comment from BryanDimmsdale in the fanart ideas section.

"I want to see an art where Namah and Lilith are playing chess, and Namah looks pretty bored while Lilith's face is calculating, probably losing. XD"

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Prometheus9/3/15 10:26am

XD I think you did really well with it. Poor Lilith just doesn't know what to do.

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Kirito9/9/15 2:59am

Late birthday gift for PotatoFox!

Finally drew his character Potato. He wanted to color it himself so for right now it's just lineart. : )

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