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Subscribe to this thread Fan art! created by Kirito on January 17, 2015

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FoxPhantom3/14/15 8:59am
Hey Ezio, your fan arts are quite amazing, I like how you did Bast and Vi ^^

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ezioauditore973/14/15 9:37am
Thank you dude!

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Kymastrider3/19/15 7:20pm
Check it out, I did a Drawing of Namah, I'm very proud of it. ^^

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Kirito3/19/15 7:24pm
Awesome work Kyma 8 ) keep it up!

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FoxPhantom3/20/15 3:25pm
Awesome drawing Kyma ^^
Keep going.

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Prometheus3/22/15 10:30am
I can see Namah being the nightclub type. XP Nice work, Kyma.

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ezioauditore973/30/15 4:59am
This is a little bit older,but since I didn't share on here this is what my character looks like.

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ezioauditore974/3/15 10:30am
This got shared yesterday on the chat . Brilliant work;Could somebody link me to the artist's full page if they know who it was?

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Kymastrider4/4/15 4:07pm
Vanth at the Beach

Been working on this all day, I've been wanting to try and draw Vanth of a very long time.

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Kymastrider5/7/15 7:59pm
check this out, someone did a pic of the twins as teenagers with Lilith

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MobileCrusader5/8/15 5:51am
That's a good one. Sad we will never get to see the three of them together ever.

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Prometheus5/8/15 1:47pm

Well, Dave actually sketched that. I think Ethereal colored it.


Not necessarily. There's always the chance we could see them together in Prelude near the beginning of the GNS.

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ezioauditore975/13/15 4:03pm

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Kirito5/13/15 4:49pm
I could have sworn I've seen that first one before, but then perhaps I saw it when on your profile. Anyway, I do like the expression on Mace. Are you planning on coloring the second one?

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ezioauditore975/18/15 4:20pm
Yes I am!It should be fun to color up. :)

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