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Subscribe to this thread Fan art! created by Kirito on January 17, 2015

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Javelin1/12/16 5:56am
Bast IS SO CUTES!!!!!!

*Mod Edit*

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Prometheus1/12/16 7:53pm


Just because it's out publicly doesn't mean everyone has read it in the first week. :/ Spoiler your comments and please keep it in the story-related threads.

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Javelin1/12/16 9:08pm
I'm a monster! DX

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Prometheus1/12/16 9:30pm

XD You're okay. Just double check that writing before hitting that Post button next time. ^^;

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Javelin1/13/16 5:51am

You sure?
Well ill try my best :3

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Prometheus1/13/16 10:18am
XD Most def. And, thank you. <3

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Javelin1/13/16 2:36pm
No problem :3

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Animefan181/18/16 7:01pm
a way to start off the new year:

enjoy some Lilith

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Kirito1/28/16 6:28pm
I was bored so I doodled some Evzen. Enjoy!

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Animefan181/29/16 10:49am
kirito that doodle is actually good, I like how you gave a cartoonish look to it

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Javelin1/29/16 2:50pm
That's cool :>

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Kirito1/31/16 5:39pm
@Animefan & Javelin

Thank you! This was only like 3 minutes tops, but it was a great excuse for not doing work!

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Kymastrider7/16/16 10:06am
Check this out, well it's not fanart since I didnt draw it, but remember this comic from afew years ago?

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RemarkablyAverage10/29/16 11:05pm
Not sure if anyone else played this game. I've always thought Vi and Asura have had *some parallels, at least in her less serious moments. The more obvious of which being her infamous tendency to punch everything.

(And it's been too long since a post here)

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CyberBobcat2/14/17 12:18am
Hey guys! Long time, no talk! Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day!

Here's a Bast I doodle tonight :D :

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