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Subscribe to this thread Fan art! created by Kirito on January 17, 2015

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Animefan189/10/15 7:47pm

Namah sketch dump

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Prometheus9/10/15 10:06pm
Those are some great sketches. Your skills are coming along nicely. :D And, we can never get enough Namah. XP

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VLZerda9/18/15 7:26am
Evzen since we haven't seen him in a while.

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Kirito9/18/15 2:51pm
For all you people trying to draw mace!



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Javelin9/18/15 6:22pm
Cool tip thanks Kirito! :)

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Hachura389/21/15 7:50am
Here's something, DK guns with some specifications:

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Kirito10/6/15 1:42pm
How to draw characters like Dave! Guaranteed to work!

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Kirito10/26/15 6:15pm
So I drew an actual tutorial this time!

How I draw Mace.

Please let me know if it was helpful/if I should make more!

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Javelin10/26/15 8:10pm
I've made a drawing of vanth growing out of here mellowish state into a more live like DK for an art project (patterns project) for art class and I hope to show it to you guys

I only sketch it out to make my drawings look perfect and sometimes i add a background and use thumbnails never thought of coloring them that much

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TheGuyThatWrites10/31/15 3:11pm
Does music count? Working on a score for Volume 4:

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Javelin10/31/15 4:34pm
Here's my drawing of Vanth

@ThatGuyThatWrites that theme reminds me of berserk ost 05 Murder

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Kirito11/1/15 6:23pm

It definitely counts! All mediums are considered art in my opinion.

Also, I love this! Isn't your music getting featured in the game?


The link broke, perhaps re-upload?

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Javelin11/1/15 6:27pm

Ok now try these

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Kirito11/1/15 6:46pm

Nope, both links broken now.

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Javelin11/1/15 6:49pm
@KiritoI gtg for now ill get back on when I return home cya then

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