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Subscribe to this thread Fan art! created by Kirito on January 17, 2015

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Kirito1/17/15 5:30pm
Finally! I've been waiting for this.

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Kirito1/17/15 5:30pm My DK in shock trooper armor.

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Kirito1/17/15 5:31pm Evzen Fan art

More to come!

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DanWithTheHat1/17/15 5:31pm
We will move any current fan art/fictions to this section so keep your eye out. :)

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Kirito1/17/15 5:32pm
I love whoever did it even more than I do already

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Kirito1/17/15 5:32pm fanfiction NOT MINE credit goes to Curiel

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Kirito1/17/15 5:34pm
FF not mine --

credit to Julius Nimin

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FoxPhantom1/17/15 5:35pm
Edited: That Evzen art is pretty awesome

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Kirito1/17/15 5:42pm
Really you think so? Thank you so much <3

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ST34LTH1/17/15 5:42pm
:O I see a Taokaka there Kirito

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Kirito1/17/15 5:43pm

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Rekt1/17/15 5:45pm
Aaaaaaah your OC is so cute, and you do simplistic armor really well even at that scale!

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ST34LTH1/17/15 5:45pm
Oh wait, that appears to be Curiel's avatar, nvm

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DanWithTheHat1/17/15 5:45pm
Since this is new, feel free to make your own threads as artists to post your own art and or stories. I can see this thread being a dump though of random fan art for artists not on here. You can also make threads dedicated to someone else's fan art if they are not on here if you want.

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Kirito1/17/15 5:53pm
Thank you Rekt <3

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