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Subscribe to this thread Evolve created by Aman3712 on January 15, 2015

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Aman37121/15/15 6:04am
As some of you may know, Turtle Rock Studios have created a new game called Evolve. It's basically a game were four player-controlled hunters go up against a giant, player-controlled monster in an alien planet called Shear. The game looks unbelievably awesome and I wanted to show it to you guys.

Here's the main site

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ST34LTH1/15/15 9:00am
Yeah, I'd followed that game since its first announcing. I'd love to play it with a bunch of friends, as either side.

Ps.: Is it just me, or does our posts extend beyond the forum box? o.O

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Aman37121/15/15 9:04am
Ya, the thing I like most about the game is hands down the monsters XD

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ST34LTH1/16/15 6:07am
I just into the closed beta ;3
Time to nerd this game to hell and back XD

I will post my findings on here, when I've played the game enough to have a decent grasp of it.

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Aman37121/17/15 5:37am
Holy sh*t... I just got the beta...

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ST34LTH1/17/15 6:18am
The game looks absolutely amazing and has some downright awesome game mechanics. The only true downside, is that, at least at this time, the game lacks optimization and even though my computer isn't exactly weak, it runs a little sluggish.

When the game finally comes out as full release, I expect this to by alleviated and that owners of pc's like mine will have no problem playing it what so ever. Until then, a lot of people are in for some chop or unable to play. :P

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Aman37121/17/15 6:21am
I got it on my Xbox and it's only 30% done. God I'm so hyped to play XD

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Kirito1/17/15 7:28am
I cri I don't have Xbox 1

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