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Subscribe to this thread weirdest Pizza Toppings created by Kymastrider on January 14, 2015

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Kymastrider1/14/15 10:09pm
Anchovies I found for the longest time are one the strangest curiosity's of the pizza world. For the longest time I have never even considered trying them. The only reason I have is because I have a weird co-worker who eats anchovies in his pizza, his description is that there very salty (then again this co-worker also say's a lot of stupid ---- when he doesn't take his meds)

I actually tried Anchovies for the first time last night on my homemade Pizza, and it's really hard to describe the flavor. It's a really gross fishy salty overpowering flavor. I can certainly understand why it would be considered an acquired taste, it certainly isn't for everyone.

It is to some degree an interesting flavor, bought not something I'd want on my pizza all the time.

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Aman37121/15/15 5:53am

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ST34LTH1/15/15 9:07am
Funny that you mentioned it, I personally love anchovies on pizzas, as long as the rest of the toppings match up of course. It is indeed an acquired taste however, and I know a ton of things other people would think me a raving lunatic for liking XD.

I'm personally split with what I find the weirdest topping. I'd have to either say fruits like pineapple (a favourite in Denmark apparently), or spaghetti... I've tried both and can honestly say I hate the combo of pineapple and pizzas, but spaghetti doesn't actually taste that bad; it's just... weird. "What should we make a carb-based pizza with today?", "Hmm... I dunno, maybe more carbs?", "That's a great idea, let's put the other Italian carb-based food on top of it!" :P

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TruthQuest1/15/15 8:51pm
Ice-cream pizza any one?

I read about this one.

No, seriously, they put real pepperoni in that Ice-cream smoothie.

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ST34LTH1/15/15 10:02pm
As long as it's not a typical pizza batter, then I might actually go for it; it'd just be an ice cake then after all. But yeah, weird topic indeed.

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