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Subscribe to this thread Interesting Background Characters created by Kirito on January 9, 2015

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NatChon7/28/15 7:48am
There are no interesting background characters here, but there is a heart and what looks like a bra in the garbage can.

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FoxBrethren7/31/15 8:14pm
If you're referring to the bright red thing flying out, I can see where you might think heart but I see little eyes and stuff, I think it's a doll... possibly a keychain or something because I see some form of chain hanging off of it.

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NatChon7/31/15 10:17pm
I see what you mean. Now that I see it that way, the figure looks so familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it.

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Jawson8/13/15 6:22am
Since this game up, who is and what is up with the awkwardly looking away woman on that Twins scene?
(Middle panel, 2nd character on the left)
(Middle scene, lower right corner, about 3 character up)

She doesn't seem quite as... enthralled... as everyone else :P

[Edit: also, I can't believe I just realized that the "page flip" between those 2 pages is supposed be like the Indigo's throwing their tops off and showing their boobs.)

Clever trick there Dave. :P

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NatChon8/13/15 9:42am
Maybe it is because they are not guys going crazy over nude ladies giving out free alcohol, or already drunk females.

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NatChon9/13/15 10:01pm
This picture was brought up a while ago, I don't remember where but it was. I know it is not part of the story but it is still interesting.
I just found it interesting the number of characters show up in this photo.
Not only do we have Bill, Woods, and Damon looking at Dave and Liz in a cage but there is a booth set up next to them where someone is in a boxing ring fighting the pink terror (that is what it says on the side of the ring) and watching them are Bobby and Igrath.
Also on the other side of the picture you have Tinsel grossed out by grunn eating whatever it is he is eating.
And finally, in the middle of the picture, you have the Indigo twins on a cart of fermentae being chased down by shock troopers.
I do not guarantee that this is all of the known characters in the image but they are the ones that I found other than the main characters in the foreground.

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NatChon9/13/15 10:15pm
Just found whip being chased down by Lilith and Namah's ryuu-neko with hearts above it's head.
I was wrong Tinsel is not grossed out by what he is eating, but the fact that he has her name tattooed across his chest with a heart underneath it.
And it looks like the green dragon has a sandman on his right shoulder.

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