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joeden2/15/15 9:19pm
"Locke, Locke, Locke Locke?" Van said as he waddled side to side on his chair and said, "hmmm, ah yes, I remember now, i met a Locke two hundred years ago... She was fun too bad i had to kill her... Oh well hopefully your fun! Heheheehehehehehe!!" Van was sounding like a nut off his rocker and he didn't care.

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Rekt2/15/15 9:38pm
"Two hundred years? Nah, bullshit says I," Locke scoffed. "Looks like you're a liar twice, big-man, might want to shape up before I have to put that little theory o' yours to the test."

She took one of the revolving springers from its holster and held it up, examining it for a moment. It was well made, sleek and the same off-white-gray that all standard-issue springers were. There were a few etchings on the handle, and along the barrel but nothing truly stood out about it. It was just a regular old pistol.

"I noticed back there that y'didn't have a gun. You afraid o' guns, kiddo?" she asked.

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joeden2/15/15 10:01pm
Van laughed, "I don't need guns little girl, i fight with my hands or anything i think will get me a laugh. I'm immortal! You can't kill me no matter how hard you try and your welcome to try sweetie." Van looking down on Locke and she could easily feel it, as he silently mocked her.

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Rekt2/15/15 10:06pm
If Locke knew he was mocking her, she didn't show it, just continuing to toy with the gun, sliding out the loader, checking the rounds. When he finished, she scoffed, and aimed at him through the sights. "Everything dies, shithead, even you. Just a matter of time really."

Quickly she laid it back in her holster, but kept her hand on it. "So let's pretend for a moment, that anything the old boy just talked to you about doesn't matter. Let's say he cracked you a deal but I'm calling it off. I like to make my own deals, you know what I mean? You know what I mean, 'course you do. You're a ratty foker, just like me. What's it you're wantin to know?"

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joeden2/15/15 10:14pm
Van smiled and said, "I want to know where i can get smashed and find me some hookers; he didn't make me any deals, he tricked me into telling him the location of my hideout and that's what I told him; now are you going to try to get something out of me or what? Also clean up your language little girl, if my parents heard your tongue they'd break a wooden spoon and half on your ass and give a good boot to go."

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Rekt2/15/15 10:18pm
Locke waved his words away dismissively and shook her head. "Shut the fok up, son. Now you're a liar thrice, don't want you doin that again. Whatever you told him, he's gonna go deal with it, right now it's just you and me," she said, and gestured to the chair blockading the door.

"So, I came in to replace some dumb shite that got himself caught. Caught by you all no less, Spirits-know HOW. Why don't you tell me why, aye? What do you want with some nobody kid?"

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joeden2/15/15 10:35pm
Van sighed then said, "that nobody kid is my grandson and we rescued him from you people." Van wasn't laughing anymore and was starting to get more serious and angry. He'd seen first hand the effects on his grandson's mind and was not happy that he had to go through such a thing.

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Rekt2/15/15 10:36pm
"Oh fok me, he's your wee-baby-grandson is he? That's hysterical, no wonder he got caught," she laughed, even more driven on by the fact that Van no longer seemed to find the situation humorous. "What, you all related? You just one big family business?"

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joeden2/15/15 10:45pm
Van glared at her then from the seriousness he took, soon disappeared as he sung, "Hipparchus happy guppa waga wagaga!" Van went into a crazy person dance as he mocked and teased her by singing, "oh never have I met a loser such as you who couldn't hit the bronze side of a barn. Even with help oh so sad so sad wawaeawas hahahaha!" Van changed back to normal and said, "it's jus me my grand kids and that's all that's left of the Hellsings, now where was I? Oh ya!" He then started singing in several dead languages all manical.

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Rekt2/15/15 10:51pm
Locke just stared at him for a moment, a look of disbelief on her face as he began to...was that singing? Was this guy trying to sing? She put a fist over her mouth and bit the gloves over her fingers to keep from laughing, then cleared her throat and went on.

"Holy shite, and you're supposed to be the adult of the bunch? I'm not shocked there's so few of you left, probably all died of their fokin' incompetence. Is this why you were cryin about'cher niece? This is all about the family, aye? Sad, but fair," she mused, flipping the chair back around to lean back in it.

She kicked her feet up on the table and put her hands behind her head. "So, Jamie then, that's the kid's name aye? Why all the fussin' over'im. Don't give me the family shite, I don't care, what's he important for?"

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joeden2/15/15 11:00pm
Van just smiled and said, incompatence? No Nightmares yes, my family has had a long history of fighting Nightmares and we've been good at it. So we've been targeted by the beasts, those that want to turn us into weapons like my grandson nearly was. You see six hundred years ago I went nuts and after a hundred or so years I got bored of going nuts. So I can turn my mind on and off when I like." Van then letting out a cackle as he said, "listen girlie everyone has a power and mine's immortality. So I can't be killed at all. "

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Rekt2/15/15 11:06pm
"You really are a broken record aren't ya? My apologies if I actually for a moment gave you impression I that I give even the smallest, most insignificant shit about who the hell you think you are, and what you do. You say you fight some fokin' monsters? Great, cool. You're an old shithead? Fokin' awesome. But get this," she laughed, and leaned into the table a bit. "You're in my house right now, kiddo, so we're gonna move on from you, and talk about shit that actually matters, aye? Like your pretty little niece. You want to pretend you're immortal, fine, but I'm willing to bet about..."

Locke paused, counting off some arbitrary numbers on her fingers before grinning at him once again. "Six rounds in her fuckin' body that she ain't."

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joeden2/15/15 11:15pm
Van stopped and jerked as he heard that and said, "she's not my niece she's my granddaughter, my brother died of old age a long time ago. Now I'd like to ask you, how safe do you feel you are with me here?" Van then attempted to lounge at Locke biting and saying, "you saw your friend put rounds into my head, you even put some in me, now tell me what happened to my granddaughter?" Van was still bound to the chair and was breathing heavily at the mention of his granddaughter's condition.

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Rekt2/15/15 11:21pm
Locke grinned, and then stood up. She didn't answer him right away, just sauntered about the room and made a few noncommittal noises every now and then, as if she was hinging on the idea of telling him. Did she feel safe? The old man was getting antsy threatening her like that, and in any other situation such words would have gained him a bullet in the leg. But no, this was like her time in Norvondire with the high-top politicians, she had to work this better. No sweat.

"Shit well, let's see now I suppose that's fairly classified information, ain't it?" she cooed, and tapped the side of her holster. "What's the rascally bitch worth to you?"

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joeden2/15/15 11:27pm
Van glared at Locke and said, "you best pray I don't get out of this chair, I got a wooden spoon with your name on it." At this point Van was dead serious as he gave off an aura of a disgruntled parent, the feel was natural for him, seeing as how he'd been a dad more then a few times.

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