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Subscribe to this thread The Shocks created by Aman3712 on January 7, 2015

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joeden2/13/15 10:18pm
"I'll tell you this once if you hurt my family, I'll get you and if that day doesn't come it'll be your children and grandchildren and so on. I will make you pay!" Van still breathing heavy asked again, "what do you want to know? Because I ain't telling you anything that'll hurt my family." Van was still fuming and growing darker as his long experience of life started to loom in the room giving Van a more menacing feeling.

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ST34LTH2/14/15 7:34am
While his opponent certainly was menacing and no joke, Vern stood steadfast, holding Van's gaze locked in his own. "Not telling us exactly what we want to know, means no deal. No deal, means your family gets hurt in the crossfire; you know that." He stated confidently. Vern started pacing again, keeping his head turned towards the interogatee. He spoke up again, ordering a dislosure of whom they were working for and the location of their base of operation.

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joeden2/14/15 11:01am
Van was boiling inside saying, "and put my grandson in danger again? Honestly what did you people do to him? If you want the name of my group i'm going to need something in return like what happened to my granddaughter?"

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ST34LTH2/14/15 1:28pm
"You're hardly in any position to bargain here old man." Vern scoffed "I offered to go against protocol; to shield her from the full blow of the law. I'm already placing myself in a difficult position as it is - despite your tireless insulting - so don't test my patience any further. You'll have to give up one or the other, and as I said before, this is a one-time offer." Vern sighed audibly, before impatiently rounding off: "And clock's ticking..."

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joeden2/14/15 2:02pm
Van Grumbled as he said, "fine I work a group called the guild now. Now tell me where my granddaughter is or I swear i will hunt you down and make you pay and if I can't get you I'll take it out on your children and grandchildren, I got all the time in the world."

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ST34LTH2/15/15 5:44am
"Tch!" Vern said dissappointedly, before turning to face Van again. "You want her location and condition? Then you give us your hideout's location and layout. I asked you already and clock's still ticking."

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joeden2/15/15 12:13pm
Van was boiling but remembered something, this was a interrogation and this was a method and played the act and began, "Okay fine i'll tell we work in a storehouse south here on manchester street behind the sweet shop underneath the place." Van was lying plain and clear and he wasn't it was a hideout but long abandoned after a struggle with some nasty crawlies, but it was empty and nothing could be found. In truth the hideout was north of them and Vern didn't need to know that, Van was still looking angry and said, "Now where is my granddaughter and what's her condition!?!"

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ST34LTH2/15/15 4:51pm
"Whereabout's unknown and condition uncertain." Vern responded with a crooked smile, before turning around and exiting the room. He walked down the corridors of the building, eventually reaching Hinchcliffe's office. Vern raised his hand and was about to knock on the door, but then stayed his hand, standing silent, weighing his options for a moment. He shook his head and lowered his hand, only to suddenly freeze up, as the wound in his shoulder sent a jolt of pain through his body. He placed a hand over the shoulder, wincing in pain and frustration as he fealt the pain yet again. He shook his head hard, as if to shake the sense of touch from his head, before composing himself again and starting to head towards the exit.

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Rekt2/15/15 5:09pm
Vern would find as he turned, an obstacle in his way. A living obstacle at that; Locke herself in the flesh was there with her hands resting on the handles of either gun at her hips, and eyes angered by the tilted angle of her bolera.

"Oi, where's the fokin' fire, cap?" she asked, a slight edge to her voice, but still in earnest respect for the superior officer. She ran a hand through her crop of hair but kept her eyes steady with his. "Lookin' for our lovely guest, if y'don't mind pointin' me in the right direction?"

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Aman37122/15/15 5:51pm
After Ozo managed to calm himself down enough, he made his way back into the station and when to his bunk bed to sleep, hoping that no one would bother him.

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joeden2/15/15 6:26pm
Van waiting till Vern left and was sure was a distance away, he then began laughing as he knew it would work but tears of relief was on his face when he heard the news. When the team found the right sweets store and the right place only to have it found abandoned long a go, he nearly pissed himself just thinking about it and Vern's mighty reaction.

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ST34LTH2/15/15 6:30pm
Vern came to a dead halt, as he just barely averted a collision with another soldier. It was Locke, the newcommer to the squad. Hearing her eagerness to give breaking the prisoner herself a shot, brought a smile to Vern's lips. He gave brief instructions on where to find the interrogatee and with a nod of appreciation he added: "Knock yourself out. Just be cautious with that one though; he's full of shit and doesn't break easily I'm afraid."

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Rekt2/15/15 6:58pm
Locke grinned. "Just the way I like it."

It was no problem finding the little interrogation room, and as she pushed the door open, she had caught the tail end of Van's laughing fit. Good, there were light-hearts around, would make things much easier. This guy looked like any other bulky shithead she ran into at bars and clubs, albeit a little worse-for-wear in the health department, and a tad more demented. Well, maybe not more demented; Calypsan patrons were notoriously unruly.

"You're a big foker, aren'tcha?" she said, shutting the door behind her. "Didn't look up your name, what's it?"

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joeden2/15/15 7:26pm
Van still smiling said, "well what's in it for me? Can I have a lollipop?" He continued giggling not afraid of Locke, only thing was her presence was only making him laugh more.

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Rekt2/15/15 8:07pm
"Sure thing kiddo, after we chat." She tapped the side of her head, then took on of the three seats in the room and locked it tight against the door. "Privacy for privacy's sake, y'know."

After that had been done, Locke flipped the second chair around and sat opposite Van, arms folded over its back. She grinned at him while he laughed, unwavering. "Name is Locke, by the way."

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