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Subscribe to this thread The Shocks created by Aman3712 on January 7, 2015

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ST34LTH2/4/15 7:38pm
"Since you're so willing to talk..." Vern began, walking slowly up behind his victim "Why don't you just start at the beginning? Whom do you work for?" His voice was unusually soft for an interrogation, giving off the feeling of an inexperienced interrogator.

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joeden2/4/15 7:40pm
Van thought and said, "hmmmmmm the Illumination!"

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ST34LTH2/4/15 7:47pm
"Clarify." Vern retorted, as he resumed circling around Van.

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joeden2/4/15 7:49pm
Van smiled and said, "you see we stick lightbulbs up our asses, and try to Illuminate them."

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ST34LTH2/4/15 8:05pm
"Amusing..." Vern scoffed. He pulled the other chair infront of Van's, placing himself on it in a reversed position. "For all your eagerness, you sure seem unwilling to talk." Vern commented. "Let's try again. Whom do you work for?" He asked again, this time in a bit more serious tone.

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joeden2/4/15 8:07pm
Van got more serious looking and said, "I worked for a group called the FPM free people's movement we tried to asssassinate Vlod the Impaler but we ended up getting impaled on wooden pikes, that was fun!"

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ST34LTH2/5/15 6:47am
"And that was what?... X number of centuries ago?" Vern replied with light laughter. He made a spinning gesture with his right hand, continuing before Van could get a word in: "Present day... Whom DO you work for?"

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joeden2/5/15 7:09am
Van smiled and started speaking in an ancient dialect from the Void century and after a few moments he was quiet, smiling and looking at Van knowing what he said would be impossible to translate. He still smiled and watch for Vern's reaction and said, "you've been a big help to us couldn't have done any of this without you."

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ST34LTH2/5/15 8:10am
A bit surprised at the sudden use of an archaic dialect, Vern stirred for a second. As the interogatee tried another provacative maneuver, Vern couldn't help but laugh a little however. He rose to his feet, pulled the chair back a little and resumed his former 'patrolling' around the room. "Surely you have better rhetoric to employ than that?" Vern suggested mockingly.

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joeden2/5/15 8:14am
Van knew his game and said, "But you did help us! If you didn't end up face first in the floor and ass in the air we wouldn't have gotten away. And at the factory if you didn't show up we wouldn't have been able to get out of there before they activated a second robot or something more drastic."

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Kirito2/6/15 3:41pm
I stumbled into the doctor's office, cringing. He was sitting in his chair, looking serene. I could already tell this wasn't going to go well for me. "I need an x-ray to check my ribs. No funny business, please." I said briskly and cold.

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Rekt2/9/15 6:57pm
Roark looked up from his musings, tipping the rosy spectacles from his eyes to get a better look at the one entering his office. Ah, it was the young soldier, and he looked quite worse for wear.
The doctor hefted himself up and made his way over to Zero, grinning once again as he had in the shooting gallery.
“An X-Ray? My boy, how extreme,” Roark said, but nonetheless he pulled a black sheet from an indention in the ceiling. Beside it was a machine that, once the sheet was set, hook up to a port in its side. “Go ahead and stand behind that there, won’t take too long I shouldn’t wonder.”

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ST34LTH2/13/15 1:52pm
Vern sighed quietly "I can't help but wonder if you really are as old as you claim. Insults work wonders against an unprepared and weak mind, I'll give you that, but surely you'd have realized the dwindling effect by now?" Vern spun around to face the interogatee "Or is it that your brain doesn't quite heal as well as the rest of your body?" Vern seemingly rather impulsively paced over to Van, bowing down and positioning his face right in front of Van's.

Vern looked Van into his eyes, smiling devilishly, before stating: "In case you forgot, your supposed 'immortality', doesn't extend to your fellow criminals. And if your little rescue didn't arrive when it did, I wonder if you'd have been able to recognize 'her'." Vern stood back up looking smuggly at Van. Despite knowing he'd never have been able to mutilate her quite so gruesomely, the prisoner didn't need to know so, and such a scare worked better against most hard men, than they'd like to admit.

He began to slowly turn around and walk towards the door, intent on leaving and letting him boil with uncertainty; unless of course he'd unexpectedly start speaking.

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joeden2/13/15 7:33pm
Van stopped for a second and said, "What did you do to my Granddaughter?" Van's voice was no longer that of high and annoying but carried a chilling tone of fear that would send shivers down anyone's spine. Van's muscles tensed as he looked at Vern.

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ST34LTH2/13/15 9:54pm
Vern stopped by the door, already with a hand on the handle, as a victorious grin spread across his face. He stood still for a few seconds, making sure to repress his smile, before turning his head slowly towards the interogatee. "Tell you what..." Vern started, slowly turning around to face Van, crossing his arms before his chest "You start talking, and I'll make sure she'll be spared the harsh treatment that awaits all of you. And before you get any funny ideas, believe me when I say I can make it happen and when I say that this is a one-time offer." Vern spoke in a much calmer and authorative tone at this point; showing determined interest in striking a deal with the prisoner, if said prisoner was willing.

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