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Subscribe to this thread The Shocks created by Aman3712 on January 7, 2015

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ST34LTH2/4/15 9:32am
Vern looked over his shoulders, making sure no unwanted ears were present, and as the assistant had left his sight, he replied: "During our most recent operation, I managed to recover a datascroll from the perpetrators. Even though its safety features have no doubt already kicked in, we might still be able to recover vital information from it." Vern spoke fast and low, trying to limit the amount of information the interrogatee and possible bypassers would pick up. "There's no doubt in my mind that they are connected, they've been on the scene faster than us every time so far, and someone within the Andurunan hierachy keeps opening doors for them, making them impossible to pin; with the single exception of HIM, so far. I'm afraid we might not be able to use all our assets, if we want to get to the bottom of this; at least not before we clean out our own ranks first."

Vern halted for a bit, taking a deep breath, before continuing: "Which leads me to why I came to you. My family always spoke highly of you, and I personally doubt you'd be one to sell out your government. I'll trust your judgement on how to handle this situation... Along with this possible lead." As he said the last words, he handed the owl the datascroll.

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Aman37122/4/15 10:17am
"I see..." Hinch thought a moment, grabbing the data scroll, "Clearly, a mastermind is behind what is going on, with the stolen files from Typhon Inc. being no coincidence. If someone within the Andurunan hierarchy is responsible for this conspiracy, then apprehending him, or her, is our main priority. However, tracking a mastermind is easier said then done. Before we take any action, we must figure out what started this." Straightening his suit, the owl then said, "both Van Hellsing here and Timothy Bloat know much about the files, but refuse to speak. Bloat's bodyguard was sent to an asylum, since the doctors determined him as savagely insane. If anything, we must focus on getting information out of both Van and Bloat."

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ST34LTH2/4/15 2:29pm
With a nod, Vern responded: "That does seem like the logical next step." He paused for a bit, considering his options. "While I must admit I'd love to get some alone time with this... Van, I think I'd be better suited to deal with Bloat." Vern stated, with a hint of frustration at this reality. Suddenly Vern's curiosity got stirred, as evident by his quickly added query: "Wait... You called him Hellsing? As in the same family the kidnapped shock trooper is from?"

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joeden2/4/15 3:11pm
Van laughed and said, "I'll tell you the name of the mastermind it won't help because we've erased most of his files but dose the name General Taw the fist of 108 shock regiment ring a bell? The same General Taw that won most of the battles during the toll wars, ring a bell?"

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Aman37122/4/15 3:26pm
"Well..." Hinch paused for a moment, then said, "Let's just say me and Van have known each other for a long time... Anyways," The owl then turned to Van and said in a polite yet irritated tone, "So this General Taw is responsible for this?"

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joeden2/4/15 3:32pm
Van smiled and said, "let me put it this way those fairy tales the ones you dread and fear not to be real, they're real really real haha." Van knew what he talked about and was waiting to see if the other two would pick up on it.

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Aman37122/4/15 3:39pm
"You don't mean..." The owl's heart froze from what Van was hinting at.

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joeden2/4/15 3:51pm
Van smiled and said, "I do i've fought them and they're still around, but I'd like to see you sing this tune through the station they'll haul you off in a straight jacket faster then me. If you have any doubt ask yourself am i possible, think for a second i'm the oldest living thing in the Dreamworld and i've literally; well you've seen what i've been through."

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Aman37122/4/15 4:04pm
Hinch was silent as he tried to organize all thoughts spinning through his head.

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ST34LTH2/4/15 5:35pm
Vern, being quite literate himself, quickly figured what they meant and merely shook his head at Van's remark. "Don't let a prisoner play games with you Sergeant. Odds are he's pulling your chain; they're old history at this point, and there's nothing - besides this lunatic's word - to suggest that they still exist." Vern retorted with a grin.

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joeden2/4/15 5:57pm
Van looked at Vern and whistled, "they've played their part well stay hidden and silent long enough and everyone forgets about you. Look sonny i've been around since 890DD what do you think happened in 723DD to 9AD I was there i saw it first hand i fought it first hand. Hell look me up you won't find my birth date anywhere or any birth reports in the government, and registering births have been a law for the last one hundred years. I know why your afraid seeing one of those things come after you fills one with fear like nothing before terror and a cold sweat. I may be crazy but I have never lied even now, you know me Hinchie the only time i lied was when i pretended to be Jasmine."

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Aman37122/4/15 6:05pm
Having enough of this, Hinch turned and made his way to the door. "He's all yours." The owl said to Vern with a fed up tone, "And don't make a mess, please." As he left the room, to employees helped him over to his office. He knew what he did in that room went against many of his personal morals, he didn't care at this point. Besides, it was because of Van that Hinch even began breaking his morals in the first place.

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joeden2/4/15 6:29pm
Van looked at Vern and said, "Soooooooooo you still mad that you failed to stop us from rescuing one of your squad members from you shocks or the fact that you've helped us out a lot?"

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ST34LTH2/4/15 6:41pm
Surprised by being given 'the leash', Vern stood for a moment, unsure what to respond. As Hinch moved back towards his office, Vern turned his attention back to Van. Sure, Van's snide comment did egg him on a little, but Vern had long composed himself and was beginning to feel quite confident about the situation. He walked into the room and closed the door behind him. Vern started a slow imposing walk in a broad circle around Van, eyeing him in silence for several long seconds, gauging his reaction.

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joeden2/4/15 7:16pm
Van had had this whole thing done to him over and over and he knew how to handle this and he moved his head side to side while still looking forward with his upper body in tow and sang, "i'm a little tea pot short and stout here is my hand here is my spout do do do do do dododo... So Vernie boy what'd ya wanna know?"

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