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Aman37121/7/15 9:33am
The two thugs walked cautiously as they made their way through the dank and pitch black tunnel, using their flashlights as their guide. The tunnel itself was what looked to have been a subway tunnel, with graffiti blanketing the walls and a pair of rusty railways on either side of it. However, the railways were as silent and void of activity as the tunnel was, creating an eerie and unsettling feeling for the thugs as they continued. One of the thugs, who was a mangie dark blue coyote in a white buttoned-up shirt and black jeans, carried a large suitcase in his right hand while the second thug, who was a beefy green iguana, was shirtless but wore a watch cap and a pair of torn pants, concealed a pistol in his pants pocket.

After much walking, the two thugs met up with a group of twelve mobsters who patiently stood ahead of them. The mobsters wore brown tuxedos, dark sunglasses, and fedoras. All of them except for one carried assault rifles, which were one of the most illegal types of weapons in Anduruna. lending against the left wall of the tunnel with a lit cigarette in his mouth, a lean black rat observed the two thugs coming with his right eye, being his only good eye. The rat wore a tan, unbuttoned trench coat with a green tuxedo and an eye patch that covered his scarred left eye. Unlike the rest of the mobsters, the rat held no visible weapon.

“So ya finally showed up?” The rat said in an unsettling smirk, “Bout’ time. I was worried that i’d have to send my boys go look’n for you two.”. The thugs, greatly intimidated by the mobsters in front of them, stood in silence with sweat pouring down their heads. The iguana then nudged the coyote next to him to speak. “Oh! Uh, we got what the boss wants, Scrapper.” The coyote said, showing the rat the suitcase, “It took us a bit to get here with the Anduruna law enforcement on our-”
“Are you dumbasses tell’n me that you led them here!?” Scrapper exclaimed as a blood red halo slowly materialized over his head and his hands began to glow with a red, misty aura. No no no! We’re all alone! I swear!” The coyote said in pure panic as he and the iguana waived their hand in terror. Even the other mobsters backed away from the rat as his halo appeared. After looking at the phugs with a cold stare, he closed his eye and calmed down, with his halo vanishing. “Just give the the damn thing.” He then said with his arm out. Trembling, the coyote handed the suitcase over to Scrapper, were he then opened it up to see if it was the same thing his boss wanted. With a pleased smirk, the rat closed the suitcase and said, “You two did good. The boss will be pleased.”

“Soooo, now that we got what the big guy wanted…” The iguana mustered up the courage to speak, “Do we get our payment?”

“Oh ya, bout’ that.” Scrapper said as he turned and began walking in the other direction, “The boss likes to keep a low profile about us. So since you two know who we are.” The rat then gave a hand signal for the mobsters that made them surround the confused thugs and aim their weapons towards them. “You ain’t allowed to live.”


The scrawny green lizard had a confident air as he entered the station. Being only half way done with his training, the rookie was very surprised that he was already being placed into a squad of other shocks. Whatever the reason, the lizard knew that he needed to take this opportunity as he made his way into the main hallway full of offices and department, passing by employees and higher ranked shock troopers. He wore a neat pair of jeans and a navy blue, buttoned-up shirt with a white tie. He carried a bag on his shoulder that contained his belongings and beared a badge of a star on his chest, showing that he was a rookie. Eventually, he made his way to a flight of stairs that led down to a lower part of the station where the lockers, lounge rooms, and gyms were at.

“Well, this is it, Ozo.” He said to himself, trying to calm his nerves down, “You’ve worked hard for this, so make a good first impression and don’t screw up.”. With that, Ozo bravely took his first step down the stairs. Unfortunately, the clumsy fellow lost his footing and tumbled all the way to the bottom. Dazed, the lizard quickly got up to his feet to see if anyone had saw his clumsiness. Luckily, the coast was clear and he made his way to the gym, where the rest of the rookies were supported to meet at.

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Kirito1/7/15 12:00pm
Why did they all have to meet in the Gym? It's too crowded and it smells like old sweat, Zero thought to himself. He shifted in place as he tried to see if there was any activity, any sign of the event starting.

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Aman37121/7/15 12:38pm
As Ozo got closer to the gym entrance her could hear what sounded like a large crowd. "Oh great." He though in dicomfort. Never being a social person, he would usually feel very awkward in large groups of people. However, the lizard knew he couldn't let his discomfort get in the way, and after taking a deep breath, he opened the door and entered the noisy gym.

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joeden1/7/15 5:05pm
Jamie had received his orders to head to the Gym he had already had some experience in the field but only a couple patrols. He was finally being assigned to a real unit under the orders of his CO. He'd only finished getting ready and was making his way to the gym for briefing and to meet his squad.

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Aman37121/8/15 6:22am
Ozo tried timidly to find a spot for him to sit in the bleachers full of fellow rookies with no success. To his relief though, he eventually found an empty seat next to what looked to be a pair of friends chatting about stuff. With that, he scooted his way through the rowdy rookies to reach the seat he wanted.

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joeden1/8/15 12:22pm
Jamie shortly entered the Gym and quietly found himself a seat on the bleachers not drawing attention to his existence. As he sat quietly on the bleachers near a couple of friends talking and there he sat quietly waiting for what was to come next.

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Kirito1/8/15 5:07pm
"What squad do you think you'll be put on?" I asked Russel randomely.
"I could care less. I just want to get out on the streets."
"Yeah I guess- Hey look." He gestured to the scrawny lizard sitting down next to Zero. "why don't we ask him what he wants to be in the shocks." He waved at the lizard to my right. "Hey buddy!"

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Aman37121/8/15 5:10pm
Ozo turned his head to the two beside him and said, "Oh uh, yes?"

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Kirito1/8/15 5:13pm
"Hey, me and Null here were wonderin' what people want to be in the shocks!" Russel yelled over the crowd.

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Aman37121/8/15 5:27pm
Ozo looked at all the excited rookies around him and yelled back, "E-Everyone really! Sgt. Hinchcliffe will be here in a minute or so to assign people to squads!"

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Kirito1/8/15 5:34pm
Russel laughed and slumped back down in his seat. "Guess not." He muttered to himself.

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joeden1/8/15 5:37pm
Jamie slightly winced at the sound of the yelling but ignored it as he continued to stare forwardly a little nervouse himself but ready to leap into the unknown.

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Aman37121/8/15 5:53pm
The doors to the gym flung open all of a sudden and the bleachers went silent. Ten armored shock troopers, all of which were without springer, marched into the gym in an orderly line and lined up eleven feet away from the crowd. Behind the troopers, a chubby, middle aged snow owl wearing an officer uniform and a monocle waddling into the gym with a violet ryuu-neko on a leash leading him. As the ryuu led the owl in front of the lined-up troopers, Ozo say that his pupils were grey. He then pulled a microphone from his pocket and spoke in a cheerful voice. "Goodness! I most serenely didn't expect our youths to be so exhilarated!" He chuckled, "I am Sgt. Hinchcliffe! But you may call me Sgt. Hinch! Now before I begin, If anyone has any questions to throw out, now would be the best time."

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Kirito1/8/15 5:56pm
"Russel don't-" I tried warning in advanced, but I was too late.
He jumped up and waved his hand around. "Will I be able to shoot stuff?!?!" He asked with too much enthusiasm.

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Aman37121/8/15 6:02pm
"An ambiguous one aren't you?" Sgt. Hinch said with a warming laugh, "When rookies are promoted to Privet, they'll be given a firearm of their own. However, becoming an official Shock Trooper is easier said than done, my boy!"

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