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Subscribe to this thread The Troika created by Kymastrider on January 5, 2015

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ST34LTH1/19/15 10:17pm
True, they could indeed just be among the Troika elite and not be founding members. I guess only time will tell ;)

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Prometheus1/19/15 11:12pm

Looking back and forth from this thread to here, I see some things that I'd like to add and point out with your theory.

The shocks attacked Igrath's house more than likely by Tinsel's order. Nabonidus divulges to Tinsel that he knew she used the Mokoi as a scout to discover where Mace and his friends had run off to. So, she would send in the shocks to take them all out.

Maybe Igrath did know something from his service in the Toll Wars that somebody didn't want him to share. So, they framed him and he lost his eyesight while on the run. Was his brother, the Viscount, behind that? I tend to believe so. I mean, Lilith and Namah's respective mothers had to have gone somewhere. I doubt Namah's mother would be allowed to go free. I agree that the Viscount is pretty stupid to be the leader of a country, but I'm pretty sure he's also had a shady past during his early years in politics. No way he could allow a sex scandal to ruin his political career. Maybe, he needed something to distract the public and the law while he took care of his secret lover. So, deciding to exploit his brother's service in the mystery-cloaked war, he arranges Fae's murder and pins the blame on Igrath. And, of course, I agree with you on how Igrath came to meet the Troika and joined them in their fight against the big evil.

Scinter is a bit more mysterious. He's an inventor who was screwed over by the government because he didn't follow a few legal procedures (which they used as a scapegoat to make money), had his inventions taken away, and thrown in prison. After busting out, he goes into hiding and starts an illegal fermentae brewing business exclusive to the black market. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Igrath, being Captain of the Guard at the time, was ordered to put an end to Scinter and his business. The two of them may have encountered one another as cop and crook. Igrath lets Scinter walk away after Scinter pours his heart out to Igrath over how his life was ruined by the government's ridiculous legislation and law. This may be where their partnership begins and how Igrath is able to disappear when his own life-changing disaster occurs. As far as the government using Scinter's inventions to create a superweapon or portal, I think the only one with any intentions like that would be Tinsel. And, so far, her allegiance is with Nabonidus, not the Nightmares, so no reason for her to pursue that agenda unless the Nab wants her to.

And, of course, there's Grunn. From a bit of dialogue in Prelude, we find out he's in cahoots with the Troika long before the GNS began and it was the Troika who gave him the caretaker job. From Bobby's efforts to have Grunn's orphanage shut down, we can safely assume the Troika or an associate of theirs have pulled some strings to make sure the place stays in business and Grunn remains as the owner. Maybe he joined the Troika because, like you said, he needed a place to be, needed a purpose, needed something to be a part of to not make his life a total waste. Does he really care for Mace and all the other kids? For me, it's hard to say. Maybe he's cruel to them to see if they could be potential recruits for the Troika. Maybe it's just his cover. He does show a bit of calmness when questioning Mace at Igrath's house about the Sandman. It's really hard to say where he comes in in the grand scheme of things with the Troika. We know Igrath was the Captain of the Guard, Scinter was an inventor, but we don't really know what Grunn was back in his day. So far, he's the biggest mystery. Pun definitely intended. XD

That's my two cents worth on these three unlikely friends.

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ST34LTH1/20/15 2:02pm
Didn't the GNS reveal Grunn as having been a captain of that now washed-up-ship-turned-orphanage? I think (but can't honestly remember for sure, nor have I double checked; sorry) I remember it mentioning something about him being an explorer or something along those lines.

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Kirito1/20/15 2:05pm
yeah I think mace or somethin says it at some point.

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Kymastrider1/20/15 2:55pm
its possible that back when more of his brain cells worked he may have been a smuggler or something for the marks. It is also possible that Grunn was a toll war veteran, and maybe at one point he was more athletic and had the sharp wit of a soldier, and maybe it's possible somewhere that he suffered from severe head trama that lead him to his current state. Who knows what his history with Scinter and Igrath are but they most likely stuck him at the orphanage as in his state he's not really good for anything else. But that's just my speculation.

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ST34LTH1/20/15 3:07pm
Seems plausible

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Kymastrider1/31/15 1:24pm
I remember reading that the Cliffs of Ekklesia were where those who are banished for power infractures may have settled. I also remember on the map in the beginning of Volume 3 there is a map of the Anduruna region with an X on the Cliffs of Ekklesia. This is just a theory but do you suppose the Cliffs of Ekklesia are where the Troika's main Headquarters are located.

all we have to go on is this sketch from afew years ago

But it would make sense since it's outside the city and concealed from prying eyes within it's jagged landscape, also do you think that it's possible that many some who are part of the troika are power infracturers who were banished from Anduruna and rescued. I don't know how there recruitment works but with no where else to turn it would make sense that they would want to join them or one of these sub factions like the marks of one of the thieving guilds.

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BryanDimmsdale2/2/15 8:54pm
Remember the bullet built by Scinter?

I think I have an idea when that bullet will go:

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