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Subscribe to this thread The Shocks OOC created by Aman3712 on January 5, 2015

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ST34LTH2/14/15 1:36pm
Van is one of Joeden's villain characters.

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joeden2/14/15 1:46pm
He's not a villian as more as a crazy never dying lunatic

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Asora2/14/15 1:49pm
Oh, I see. :3

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Aman37122/14/15 2:13pm
We could call him a chaotic neutral.

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CoolCoyote2/14/15 5:13pm
Heh, I have a character personqlity named Vannon that I use on different web sites, like Dylan Locke.

I might bring him to this server some time...

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ST34LTH2/15/15 6:34pm
I hope you don't expect Vern to buy it Joeden. He suspects there might be a hint of truth to it, but he honestly doesn't trust Van one bit.

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joeden2/15/15 6:45pm
I know but Van dosen't

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joeden2/15/15 11:04pm
No one wants to beat up Van? He can take it. He can take anything.

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Rekt2/15/15 11:07pm
Sometimes fists are too straightforward c:

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joeden2/15/15 11:40pm
I need sleep now sorry Rekt. Hope your having fun with Van tell me if you need anything changed.

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Rekt2/15/15 11:43pm
Night Joe! Tons of fun :D

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Rekt2/16/15 8:22am
Uhhh Joe, player/character distinction, her names Locke xD

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joeden2/16/15 8:49am
sorry just woke up when i wrote that, was a little tired sorry fixed it.

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joeden2/16/15 10:06am
Think it'd be fun if Van got loose and held up his promise with the wooden spoon? LoL

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Rekt2/16/15 10:19am
He'd have a fight on his hands that's for sure, wouldn't happen easy xD

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