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Subscribe to this thread The Shocks OOC created by Aman3712 on January 5, 2015

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Aman37121/5/15 5:25pm
Itís been quite some time now and I think itís time to present an RP Iíve been developing for a while now. Although the RP I not a 100% complete, Iím still posting an OOC of it for discussion and for people to join if they want. Although Iím new(ish) in the forums, Iíve gotten a firm grasp on the DreamKeepers universe and the basics of RPing. Note that Iíll be both the admin and a RPer of this RP. Now that weíve gotten that out of the way, lets begin this with the title, main plot, characters and format of the RP. Introducing...


A story follows a small squad of inexperienced shock troopers that are trying to make Anduruna a safer place while tackling crime lords, Nightmares, gangs, Dreamkeepers, and the struggles of doing what's right from what's wrong.


The setting will take place in a shock trooper station in front of a large city park in Anduruna. The station itself is located in a area full of old shops, restaurants and apartment complexes. The area itself has a bit of a Boston feel to it (if youíve been to Boston, youíll know what I mean) and is also home to an expensive college. The plot of the story is going to be focused on the main groupís actions and experiences as they work hard among the ranks of higher ranked Shocks and help protect Anduruna from baddies. The beginning will have the rookies being introduced to each other and being sent on a number of investigations revolving around a notorious crime lord, facing thugs and getting to know each other along the way. After the team eventually defeats the villain, the RPers will be allowed to post their own ideas about where the story should go next. The RPers will also be allowed to create more characters and ideas for villains here as well.


Many characters are needed for this RP, especially shock troopers. However, for the beginning of the RP, each RPer is only allowed to have three characters, one being a shock trooper and the other two being characters of your choice. You can submit your characters by posting everything about them in the ďThe Shock OOCĒ, where iíll look at them and discuss how theyíll be introduced. However, during the beginning of the RP, there will be some restrictions for characters that must be followed.

1.) Your main character MUST be a shock trooper, either it be a rookie or a common trooper. As the RP goes on, we can talk about higher ranking Shocks.

2.) After the defeat of the storyís first villain, you will be allowed to post your own ideas for villains here, which iíll look over and we can discuss about them.

3.) As the story goes on, you will be able to add more characters. But for now, the maximum number of characters per RPer is three. This includes myself.

4.) If you have any ideas for Dreamkeepers, please PM me so we can discuss the character and see where we can put it into the story.

5.) When Nightmares are finally introduced, youíll be able to post your own ideas
for discussion.


When creating a character, his/her bio must be formatted as such:






Physical Description: (A link to a picture is acceptable)




Other Facts:


1.No auto hitting.

2.No intence gore. Iíd like keep this PG-13 in gore standards.

3.Due to the setting, you must talk to me if you want to introduce a Dreamkeeper.

4.No Gmodding


Itís been a while now that iíve been working on this and I hope that this will really become a blast for everyone participating If youíd like to be apart of my RP, just slap down a bio of your Shock Trooper and we can talk!

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Kirito1/5/15 5:48pm
I'm in. Let me get my character sheets together.

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Kirito1/5/15 6:00pm
Name: Zero
Age: 18
Power: Control of Fire
Gender: Male
District: Ruskol
height: 5'11.5
Light green eyes
taller than average height, about 5'11.5
Digitigrade legs
Dark grey hair/light black

Skills: Very Accurate up to a quarter mile on a flat plane.
Fur Pattern: mostly solid gray, but has two stripes on his face, one under each eye. Here is a picture of him:

Zero was born and raised in the Ruskol District. He's 18 years old and dreams of adventure. Because of this, he oft participates in nighttime shenanigans with his few friends he's made over the years. Zero and his best friend, Russel, enjoy plotting adventures and getting into trouble. He's very quiet at first, and tends to intimidate people at first glance because of his wolfish appearance. He is very outgoing and protective with his friends. Loyal, friendly, and goofy best describe him.

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Aman37121/5/15 6:03pm
Very nice! He'll fit in great with the rest of the group.

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Kirito1/5/15 6:10pm
Name: Russel Moore
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Physical Description: Shorter, and a little scrawny. He has a a light brown coat and Black markings on his eyes:
Skills: Incredibly smart and quick thinking.
Traits: Tends to bite, very protective of his friends.
Motives: Stay alive I suppose
Other facts: ---

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Aman37121/5/15 6:17pm
So is Russel quick and agile thanks to his quick thinking?

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Kirito1/5/15 6:19pm
Yeah basically.

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Aman37121/5/15 6:53pm
Here's my character :)

Name: Ozo Renard

Age: 17

Gender: male

Height: 5ft. 5in.

Physical Description: Ozo is a thin, light greened lizard with red eyes, red markings on his eyes, a long purple tongue, and a yellow line that stretches from the back of his head to his tail. He also has a curly tail and yellow hands and feet that are webbed. Although he wears the tradition Shock uniform, he likes to carry his gadgets around on his belt and backpack. (he will begin with typical Shock Trooper gear)

Skills: Having a great knowledge over technology, Ozo is very skilled in making gadgets for himself and his teammates. He is also very strategic and organized, preferring to stick with a plan.

District: Margate

Traits: Ozo can be described as a clumsy and meek fellow who'd prefer create a strategic plan than charge into the front lines. Although he can screw up sometimes and can be a bit fainthearted, he is supportive, obedient, well organized, and determined to complete his missions. when it comes to planning, Ozo prefers to strictly follow through with a strategy during a mission and gets annoyed when his teammates don't follow through with it. However, Since Ozo is very physically weak, he relies on his smarts, gadgets, and the cooperation of his teammates to complete missions

Motives: To prove that he can be just as great as his father was.

History: Scrawny and clumsy, Ozo joined the Shock Troopers after becoming fed up of being made fun at his school. With his biggest motivation being his deceased father, who was once a renowned Shock Trooper, Ozo is determined to use his skills to become as great as his father was.

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joeden1/5/15 8:54pm
This looks interesting Would you mind a Green Jamie he'd be a bit above average, mostly because he's grown up in the shocks but he wouldn't be the fully trained special forces Jamie though

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Aman37121/6/15 4:43am
If he'll be common ranked, then yes,

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joeden1/6/15 10:32am
He'll be a common rank Private at the age i'm putting him which is 16

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Aman37121/6/15 12:15pm

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Aman37121/6/15 2:31pm
Alright, I think we've got enough people to start the RP. However, we need to decide which of our characters will be the leader of the main group.

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Kirito1/6/15 2:32pm
Aman are you only having that one character?

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Aman37121/6/15 2:34pm
I have two characters in mind, one of which is going to be put in the Plot Vault. The other character that I have, who is female, I haven't posted about yet because I wasn't sure if the Shocks allowed females to participate or not.

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