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Subscribe to this thread Neon Knives Gang created by Kirito on January 4, 2015

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Kirito8/12/15 7:41pm
I agree. I think that she mostly wanted a connection with Bast. I'm almost certain she's informant 9.

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NatChon8/18/15 11:06am
Anybody else think about the fact that they are having their own version of street fighter?

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SuperTurbo49/28/15 7:28am
No, I think Ryo-Neko fighting is supposed to be the Dreamworld equivalent to Chicken fights.

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NatChon9/28/15 9:26am
I was making a joke. They are called ryuu-neko and there is a character in the game called ryu.

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SuperTurbo410/5/15 8:16pm
I'm bad at figuring at what's a joke and what isn't.

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NatChon10/12/15 11:17pm
It's all good bro, I make alot of jokes that people don't get, especially when I am as tired as a guy who hasn't slept in a long time.

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Javelin11/4/15 9:09pm
Maybe Vanth joined up with the neon knives clan because she's got a grudge against the system but I think she moved past that and just sort of choose that side for a thrill or for a porpose and not being apart of the system maybe or just because she'd fit with outcast and could care less about life styles (with honest people idk I actually met with a group of outcasts named the freedom runners who behave as them selves doing a bit of parkour or just hanging out chilling somewhere around school and then I realized they are hated but that didn't stop me from taking a sip of adrenaline and I don't really see any difference between them and the annoying generation that can't focus in class for a split second (i think some schools not all have this type of fashion life style type of kids who brag to others so yeah I decided to be an outcast)

No offense

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Prometheus11/6/15 7:03pm
I would think Vanth teaming with the NK has something to do with, as Javelin pointed out, her distaste of the system or something happening to Harmony that pushed her into a life of crime. Though, the fact she was so quick to call the Guard on her own members, when it was clear Bast was in danger, suggests that she has very little loyalty for the clan and is close enough to Bast that she got herself and half the clan arrested.

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Kymastrider12/27/15 12:18am

I finally got done reading Vol-4 tonight, and as you might know the end of every Volume (excluding Volume 1) has a preview of the something to happen in the next Volume. This included Vanth as well as several of the other Neon members including Vox (who miraculously didn't die in the collapsing building in Vol-3) and Scythe (who despite being shot full of holes by a volley of springer rifles, managed to just walk away with a couple of injuries)

If you remember earlier in the police station it mentioned by Cal they were released without any charges. Most likely since there associated with Nabonidus and are part of his muscle on the streets. I only just got through Vol-4 so there's probably other stuff I missed, I'll have to read through it a few more times to catch everything.

But it makes you wonder, does Vanth have any awareness of the existence of Nightmares? Or is she just one of the mindless cronys of the gang? What do you think there gunning up for in Vol-5?

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Javelin12/27/15 1:50am
Well I'm sure she's able to see past the society that the government made to block the many but is ineffective against some like religious zealots and there prophecy's and some who are just familiar with religion and others who chases evil conspiracies its more than likely she just took the role of informant 9 because she has no where else to turn once she saw things differently and something wrong with this society but is the neon knives street clan just neutral and just takes on assignments from the client that pays them

(I don't know if my sentence made any sense but I'm sure you already know most of what I was saying lol)

And someone in the forum said that awoken dream keepers get enhanced durability and I guess the awoken Dream keepers are enhanced in other ways as well then the non awoken

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