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Kymastrider7/7/15 10:14pm

I do believe there are a lot more troika members then just 36, cause it would take a lot more then 36 dreamkeepers to construct a facility of that size, I believe what were looking at is just one smaller part of a larger facility, I've been to army bases before so I know first hand that not every corner of it is going to be brimming with people.

I have developed a theory that there main base of operations is in a region called the cliffs of Ekklesia just outside of Andaruna's boarders since theres an X on a map early on in vol 3, plus you can see a digital map scinter is looking at that shows a teleportation grid all over Andaruna.

Clearly they are large and organized, I really don't think they've only started recruiting since Vi's clearly been around for awhile, not to mention there's Scinter's Marks that manage the flow of illegal fermentae and black-market sales, I can imagine they have agents posted all over the city posing as ordinary citizens.

I imagine the reason we haven't seen to many members yet is because keep in mind this is the end of vol-3 and were only just now catching a glimpse into what the Troika even is, I can imagine more is going to be revealed in vol-4 (as of now I haven't read vol-4 yet)

I don't think they would be proceeding into operation guillotine unless they had more then 36 people.

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Dawonguy7/7/15 10:25pm
@Vandorbelt: Maybe the parents didn't know Grunn would be that bad at first or maybe that's why they got Vi and Bobby.

I've kind of been wondering if the Troika has another orphanage for females. The orphans in Grunn's orphanage are almost all male with Paige being the only female orphan, and if my theory about the parents of the orphans is right, then you'd think that there would be about as many female orphans as there would be males that need a place to stay.

Also, with Paige being the only female orphan in Grunn's orphanage, I'm kind of wondering if it is possible for a male human to have a female dreamkeeper and vice-versa.

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Kirito7/8/15 3:24am
Well, you're forgetting Vi.

Also, that is interesting. I think that most likely Dreamkeepers can be male/female while their human counterpart are male or female. I think it boils down to what the human counterpart identifies with. It would make for a great question for Dave, though.

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Kymastrider7/8/15 5:02am
@Dawonguy & Kirito

No Dave comformed that a Dreamkeeper is always the same gender as there human counterpart, a male dreamkeeper cannot have a female counterpart of vice versa, unless that dreamkeeper and there human counterpart were transgender. If Paige was genetically male but in his mind he really believed he was female, but even that im doughtful of.

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Vandorbelt7/8/15 9:14am
@Kymastrider - Your right, I had forgotten that they've got operations that are being excecuted. Also, I didn't mean to imply that there were only 32 members, but rather that having a concentrated bunking area for 32 people would suggest that the facility is prepared to house many more dreamkeepers as it is likely that this is only one of many small barracks. As to where everyone is, it is certainly possible that the facility is simply a contingency for a massive nightmare offensive and is currently only being maintained by a skeleton crew. If and when the nightmares assault Anduruna, the Troika will be prepared to house it's members and possibly even refugees in the base with plenty of supplies and weapons for a counteroffensive, and training facilities for potential new members.

Also, on the subject of gender, it would seem the most logical to say that the physical gender of the human would carry over to their dreamkeepers physical gender as well, even transgenders. If it was the case that a transgender's dreamkeeper could be the opposite of their physical gender, then there would be no such thing as a transgender dreamkeeper, and thus that piece of society and personal identity would be missing and the two worlds would no longer be parallel, at least that's the way I see it.

Also, yay new page again! I love the design of that park/plaza area with the statue. Also, I'm gonna guess based of the spelling that Namah is using Lilith's account. She tnds nt 2 spll thngs ncrrctly bcz it's kul.

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Dawonguy7/9/15 12:41pm
Yeah, Namah does seem to try to get her message across while using the least amount of letters as possible, while by contrast, Lilith seems to use perfect English. I've noticed that Mace only occasionally uses capitalization while not skip punctuation, and that Bast seems to skip out on both capitalization and punctuation. (Also, Vanth seems to make a lot of typos probbly becsuse she is typin g with her thumbes)

Now that I think about it, when Mace called "Farmincharmin14" ol' cliche, I think that was because it does seem rather convenient for the plot to have someone just give the main 5 a data scroll.

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Dawonguy7/15/15 8:30pm
Hmm... Namah seems to have changed her typing style. (Perhaps the morale is down.)

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Vandorbelt7/15/15 9:48pm
@Dawonguy - Hey, I didn't even notice that, but you're right. She (mostly) used capitalization and even used parentheses. How... odd. Perhaps you're right and she's calmed down from her initial escape hype enough to spell thing properly. I've noticed that Namah changes attitudes very easily from hyper McSpazatron to aloof observer.

Also, since this is one of the few remaining safe havens from the V$ spoilers, i thought i'd field a couple more thoughts for us out of the V4 know. First, I thought it was particularly interesting to note that the secretary bird "guard" from the tower has an appearance in the "Cast in Shadow" poster made by Dave:
You can see him/her in the very top left with the rest of the dark dreamkeepers, which makes me believe that we may be seeing more of this particularly dangerous tower guard...

Second, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to what Vi's power is exactly. We know that her signature halo-crested figure is always seen carrying a big-ass gun, but I don't imagine that her power is to magically procure heavy weapons from mid air. The gun is pretty big though, so maybe her power is enhanced strength? Seems pretty strait forward.

Finally, I don't know about you guys, but I personally am very hyped for the appearance of the Mokoi that we had a short glimps of earlier. Can't wait for V4...

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TFeathersB7/16/15 12:50pm
I remember reading somewhere (Not in V4!) that Vi's power was super straight. I don't know if it was official or if it's still true.

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BryanDimmsdale7/17/15 9:28am

I'll refer to Vi's thread, but watch out for minor spoilers though.

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DanWithTheHat7/17/15 1:59pm
BTW, the Vi thread contains a bit more than minor spoilers if you are wondering about Vi's power. Just a heads up there. Spoiler comments are marked.

@Vandorbelt: The small details like the text differences between the kids are why I love Dreamkeepers. It makes the world come alive so much more when the artist adds lots of small, interesting details.

Also, I'm a big fan of the mokoi myself. It's gonna be cool to see him in action. He looks like he could be the protagonists' worst nightmare. Pun totally intended ;P

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TFeathersB7/20/15 12:16pm
I do like the old newspaper articles in this page. And sadly that's the end of this volume (unless Dave posts the special pages at the end). I feel sorry for those of you who can't get V4. I hope the wait isn't too long.

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Kirito7/20/15 7:12pm
To be honest, v3 was a really amazing volume. I agree, @feathers, I feel bad for those who can't obtain it.

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AlextheTeknian7/21/15 7:04am
So volume 3 ends, its a really good volume, I agree I hope Dave uploads the special pages, specially the Bast and Vanth one were they are talking happily that is one of my favorite images =)

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SuperTurbo47/30/15 10:59am
Poor Wisp...

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