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Subscribe to this thread Free GNS Updates Discussion (Currently on: Chapter 10) created by Kirito on January 1, 2015

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BryanDimmsdale6/27/15 7:42am
Hmm, I have a feeling that Dave didn't fully cover the parallel universe part. XD

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DanWithTheHat6/28/15 7:01am
Good catch with the units mix up. As an engineer, mixing of imperial can become a nightmare. Nainso is a good man for using metric units. He just needs to let Vi know how superior they are to imperial units. ^^

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Dawonguy6/28/15 9:19pm
As an aspiring engineer, metric all the way. Also, didn't a metric-imperial mixup happen at NASA once? (Could there be possible foreshadowing here of a metric-imperial mixup in the troika?)

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BryanDimmsdale6/29/15 1:35am
Or maybe Nainso is British. I noticed that UK uses metric nowadays than the English units, which is ironically theirs originally. XD

Oh gosh, now I imagine him as Sean Connery. XD

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Vandorbelt7/6/15 6:00pm
Is anyone else getting DK withdrawals over the last week. There have been no new prelude or V3 pages due to kickstarter work and it's depressing me.
Oh well, it will be worth it when I get my books in the mail!

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TFeathersB7/6/15 10:47pm
@Bryan. Nainso is not Sean Connery. In my mind, he's more like Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston. :P

@I hope they start again soon. Sadly there isn't left of V3.

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Vandorbelt7/7/15 7:38am
Well, if the V3 page is correct, it's 144 pages. We're already at pg. 129, so if a two-page-per-week trend continues as it had been doing, we'be got about 2 months of V3 remaining. After that... I... I don't want to talk about it.

edit: btw, is that a Red Tail's Dream avatar I detect :)

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ZycantAlpha7/7/15 8:59am
Actually, Volume 3 has around 134 pages at most. We're surprisingly close to the end of the run.

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TFeathersB7/7/15 11:46am
@Vandorbelt, yep it is ;)

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Vandorbelt7/7/15 1:24pm
Hoorah, a new page! And, since the purpose of this thread is discussing the story, I though I might bring up the subject of the Troika's size. We can clearly see that they have a huge underground facility, and in today's page we can see some 36 beds in a sort of barracks area which would suggest that there are a lot of people that need quartered. I would find it hard to believe that the Troika would have managed to stay so well hidden if they really had a miniature army at hand, but then what's with all the equipment and where is everyone? Have they only just started recruiting? So far we've only seen a few of the core members in an otherwise abandoned facility. Also, we know that Scinter is a black market brewer, but surely he alone can't support the expense of creating and supporting an entire underground(literally) militia. Where does all the money come from, and beyond that, who do they even contract to build such a facility?
So many questions.

Edit: Also, how do you pronounce Kalei's name? It's been bugging me...

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Dawonguy7/7/15 1:29pm
Yay, new page.

Looking at the beds, I'm kind of wondering where the other Troika members are. Then again, the beds do look rather neat, too neat, probably because they aren't even being used (unless the Troika is really strict about keeping your bed made or something).

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TFeathersB7/7/15 2:03pm
@Vandorbelt, I've been pronouncing like Kelly.

Also, it must get really cold in those beds at night. Army barracks already are, but those beds are in the middle of a large open room.

@Dawonguy. They are a paramilitary force, then I'm sure they're strict on it.

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Vandorbelt7/7/15 4:46pm
I'm also curious about the orphanage now. My thought before was that it was an attempt to raise kids away from political propaganda who could join the troika without risk to family members(Vi for instance), but Gunn says that he could have just pretended it was an orphanage, which means that perhaps the orphanage building itself(or its location) is important to the troika and not the orphans themselves.

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Dawonguy7/7/15 7:44pm
I'm still unsure as to what the purpose of the orphanage is. We know Grunn has a secret entrance to the Troika facility and that the orphanage location has some sort of legal protection, but having an orphanage would only make sense if the orphans are important to the Troika somehow. I mean, there's got to be easier ways to acquire a place where no one will ask questions, but no, they have an orphanage.

Wait... What if the parents of all of the orphans are in the Troika?

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Vandorbelt7/7/15 8:02pm
Hmm... Very good point Dawonguy. Having the parents separated both legally and physically would protect the orphans and parents alike. However, what parent would trust Grunn with raising their child. Also, how would the kids feel knowing that their parent had voluntarily given them up to Grunn without ever contacting them and making the kids believe that they're dead?

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