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Subscribe to this thread Free GNS Updates Discussion (Currently on: Chapter 10) created by Kirito on January 1, 2015

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ZycantAlpha6/6/15 8:32am
It actually wouldn't surprise me if the media was in Tinsel's pocket (or, technically they're in the Viscount's who is in Tinsel's). It would explain why they seem to have video of the antechamber being attacked...assuming I'm seeing that right.

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FoxBrethren6/8/15 11:46am
More likely, Zycant, the image on the news report is when Lilith and Namah "turned themselves in" after returning from Starfall. That doesn't appear to be the antechamber as the battlements suggest the Norvondire district. Which seems the likely place for them to be seen by the police considering its proximity to the Starfall forests.

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ZycantAlpha6/9/15 7:30pm
Good point, I think I managed to misread the location.

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Adder007USA6/11/15 10:38am
I started laughing like an idiot when I noticed whip pretending to be a balloon.

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AlextheTeknian6/11/15 3:11pm
Mmmh I notice that the Viscounts reelection will be in jeopardy. also will be interesting to see his reaction why Lilith and Namah are on the run again. I know he will think its because of the suposed boyfriends. but it does make me curious how long Calah will be ignorant until its to late. By the way during this Volume 3. I do like the mask Mace wears as a disguise. looks cool on him.

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Kirito6/11/15 8:04pm
Yeah I love the mask as well. Really has that comedy/tragedy feel to it. As for Calah, he'll probably be ignorant for as long as Tinsel needs him to be.

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ZycantAlpha6/11/15 8:18pm
Probably after she doesn't need him to be either. She may not bother to tell him anything, or he may be too stupid to figure everything out before things get hairy.

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SuperTurbo46/15/15 9:03am
Anyone notice there hasn't been an update?

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ZycantAlpha6/15/15 10:14am
It might be because we're close to the end of the book. Right now I think there are only 11 pages left in V3, so he could be starting to spread them out more.

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Prometheus6/15/15 10:49am
May also have something to do with the Kickstarter coming to a close in a few days. People who donated will be getting their V4 digital copies as soon as the KS is over, right? That may also have something to do with the sudden update flow.

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Kymastrider6/16/15 8:11pm
Well for those of you who only want to read the GNS on the website, you see we finally got to the interesting part, our first look at troika HQ.

To think this is so close to the end of Vol-3, and I can imagine with all the build up the previous volumes had lead to Vol-4 is probably going to be the most important Volume yet, and I can imagine the Troika are going to play a huge role now that they've been established.

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Kirito6/17/15 8:20pm
I agree. I can see the troika being a driving force in volume 4. Not to mention they were featured on the cover art for v4 as well.

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FoxBrethren6/18/15 10:45pm
Heh, I almost forgot how priceless some of the lines can be.

"Did you hop all over the city with a girl on a rope?"

Heh, the whole thing with Nainso and Vi reacting to the situation is really amusing. Also thinking back this is a nice way to lighten the tone back up after the very dark moments involving Lilith and Tendril.

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SuperTurbo46/19/15 11:11am
You gotta love their reactions.
Nainso's shocked, and Vi's furious. Given how Grunn doesn't even pay her for all the repairs back in Prelude, though, it shouldn't be surprised that Vi would be annoyed with Grunn.

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BryanDimmsdale6/19/15 6:20pm
Glad this page showed up now.

Guys, do you remember the "special" coins that Mace took? Well actually, it is for Grunn to fund the Troikas with it. It's surprising that a small detailed object/s could actually be very vital to the story.

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