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Subscribe to this thread Free GNS Updates Discussion (Currently on: Chapter 10) created by Kirito on January 1, 2015

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TruthQuest6/1/15 10:35pm
The "Whut" shape is slowly becoming iconic with him isn't it.

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crazyhead426/1/15 11:57pm
"Slowly becoming"? How much more iconic can you get
[I love how he's reacting to this...]

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FoxBrethren6/1/15 11:59pm
Hey guys, remember when she said his goal was to flatter himself blind? Well look what happened! lol I found that kind of humorous when I thought about it.

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Wulfspyder6/2/15 6:49am
I wonder if he could still actually see out of his eyes when Lilith yanked them out. That has to be disorienting.

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Codefreak56/2/15 9:17am
So, I was gone for quite a while. Came back to see Lilith giving a Nightmare a lecture on poetry, followed by her tearing its eyes out.

I missed this comic.

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Wulfspyder6/2/15 12:24pm
It was quite Metal.

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ZycantAlpha6/2/15 5:25pm
I never noticed that before. She made her predicted belief actually happen. Though I doubt that he can still see without the eyes, since he demanded they be brought back. That being said, he is still technically an energy being so maybe he can regrow them?

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Kirito6/2/15 6:13pm
Be that as it may, it'll give her ample time to escape. Also, while he may be made out of energy, his eyes look quite solid. They never bend at all.

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Kymastrider6/3/15 2:24pm
If you notice in previews of Vol 4 Tendril only has 1 eye.

Been waiting to comment on this for awhile, but it was a good think Tendril had such an ego that he could that he was willing to listen to Lilith's criticisms (Dave throws in a lot of smart writing)

"the biggest problem with your poetry is" *tears out Tendrils eyeballs*

One thing I didn't notice before is rather then chasing after Lilith right away Tedril smash's out all the lights in the library making it pitch black.

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ZycantAlpha6/3/15 4:20pm
I can think of a couple of reasons why. Either A) he was leveling the playing field (if I can't see, you won't be able to either) or he was panicking and freaking out enough that he was really just flailing around hoping to hit her with something.

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FoxBrethren6/4/15 11:46am
Ah yes, the latest page. One of the more emotional ones. We had less time to get to know Mr. Peaks than we did Paige, but Lilith's tears really sold it on this page. I feel a bit of trepidation regarding when he shows up one day in the Prelude. When that happens it'll be a bittersweet moment at best. Also it must have been a horrific experience for Lilith to search his skin suit for that card. This is also a good set up for Lilith to want to take charge or join in for a round two should he still be around once she's figured out her powers. Nothing like personal vendettas against the enemy.

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DanWithTheHat6/4/15 5:50pm
Wulfspider Quote: "It was quite Metal."

That is the best description of that whole page ^^
Lilith can kick ass when she has confidence in herself.

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FoxBrethren6/5/15 12:27pm
Here we are, a new page in which Bast retreats to lick his wounds so to speak. I like how keen his hearing and ability to pick up on relevant information in what would otherwise be random background noise is portrayed. Current page is one example as well as

Now the latest one not as impressive a feat since it's probably an otherwise quiet alley at night and he's on high alert. The original one may be away from the festival's festivities but there still must be a lot going on for him to overhear that conversation and surmise its relevance to his being stood up. The long and the short of it is that it seems his ears aren't just for show and I wonder if that's going to continue to be a thing as the GNS continues.

Also, wounded Bast is still a badass, climbing that ladder like that.

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MrDarkwraith6/5/15 1:30pm
"Subordinate colleague, how does the view look from out there" HA! That got to me, tell me it turns into one of those embarrassing back and forth things between the News Anchor and the Reporter that we see on the news from time-to-time. For example,

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BryanDimmsdale6/6/15 8:04am
I feel bad for Namah. Even the media seemed to cover her existence. :(

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