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Subscribe to this thread Free GNS Updates Discussion (Currently on: Chapter 10) created by Kirito on January 1, 2015

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Kirito1/1/15 3:19pm
Just a place to discuss the constantly updating v3 if you haven't read it already.

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DanWithTheHat1/1/15 9:53pm
I updated the title to be a bit clearer. We do have a general discussion thread for Vol. 3 already but I think having a dedicated thread to the free updates makes sense.

Of course, I want to leave a warning to avoid spoilers of upcoming pages for the people that have read all of Vol. 3 already. Talk in the general Vol 3 thread in that case.
Link to Gen Vol 3 Discussion Here:

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ST34LTH1/1/15 11:07pm
Yay! A thread for poor people :3

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Kirito1/2/15 5:27am
I already read it but just in case I thought that there needed to be one =)

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Codefreak51/10/15 7:51pm
Thanks for the thread, Kirito! I've been wanting a place to discuss the free updates, because I don't have money for the actual book, and I have nobody else to talk to about this, being under the assumption that everyone else here has finished V3.

Anyway, 9/1/2015. Page 65, in which Bast finds out that Mace pulled the ol' switcheroo on him. Discussion.

Bast is not going to be happy when he finds Mace again. That's the least that can be said about that. I expect fists to fly, along with Whip.

Also, I notice a certain blue, spiky, red-sneaker-wearing figure in the last panel, obscured by a passerby. It looks kind of familiar... I wonder where Dave got his inspiration for it.

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ST34LTH1/11/15 4:00am
Lol, I wonder... XD

And yeah, I agree. Bast is probably going to tear Mace a new one ;3

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Kirito1/11/15 8:30am
No problem Codefreak! I realized there needed to be a spoiler free place to discuss this.

Gotta go fast like sanic =D

I can really imagine Bast and Mace having a love hate relationship in the future.

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Asora1/11/15 11:53am
So.....I'm a bit confused. What is the purpose of this thread? If you don't mind telling me. :P

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Kirito1/11/15 11:55am
People who haven't read all of v3 (And those that wish to discuss it from a non spoiler standpoint with others) Can post here.

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Asora1/11/15 12:01pm
OHHH! Okay, I understand. :D

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DanWithTheHat1/11/15 3:04pm
One thing to keep in mind with this volume is that Dave went all out with some pretty cool references to all sorts of pop culture, Including that certain hedgehog. Be sure to look over scenes a few times for them. They can hide anywhere....

This page and the pages with Mace before really shows the immaturity both Mace and Bast. They need to smarten up and put their differences behind them if they want to succeed.

One other comment I want to make is on Namah and Lilith's escape from their rooms. That whole scene really shows how the Dark DKs are on many levels of command in the tower from the top to the bottom. Until they get out of there, the sisters are in some serious danger.

Also, did that Bird DK throw/spit acid on that elevator door or something?

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Kirito1/11/15 3:09pm
Yeah because the doors sizzle and melt

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DanWithTheHat1/11/15 3:14pm
That door definitely got cut/blasted open but yeah that green stuff and the sizzle really had me wondering if there was something more with that DK's power. Good thing that elevator GTFO'ed before he/she(???) got out of the foam.

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Kirito1/11/15 3:16pm
I think it's a he. But scary how bad the Towers are at selecting staff members XD

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DanWithTheHat1/11/15 3:18pm
I'm sure Namah is thinking right now. "I want the old, harmless, guards back!!"

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