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Subscribe to this thread TRS Characters created by Kirito on December 31, 2014

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Kirito12/31/14 2:08pm
A place for reference of all characters of TRS

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Kirito12/31/14 2:10pm
CoolCoyote's character:

Name: Elena Fritz

Age: Young Adult, mid twenties.

Appearence: (work in process)

In short Elena is a short occelot with a body molded by a sedentry life style. Her fur pattern and choice of clothing are still being decided upon.

Powers: Telepathic Painting.

Elena has the power to make images appear on an empty canvas and other mediums. She only need to close her eyes and what she imagines appears before her.

Out side of her power Elena can only draw stick figures.

History: There really isn't too much to write about Elena's history. She has two sisters and her monther is still living. Her father died of a heart attack when she was eighteen.

Elena makes her living as tech support for a Data Scroll retailer to support herself and her family.

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Kirito12/31/14 2:11pm
My character

Name: Zero
Age: 18
Power: Control of Fire
Gender: Male
District: Ruskol
height: 5'11.5
Light green eyes
taller than average height, about 5'11.5
Digitigrade legs
Dark grey hair/light black
Dress: Most often wears a black jacket, cargo shorts, and a scarf.
Fur Pattern: mostly solid gray, but has two stripes on his face, one under each eye. Here is a picture of him:

Zero was born and raised in the Ruskol District. He's 18 years old and dreams of adventure. Because of this, he oft participates in nighttime shenanigans with his few friends he's made over the years. Zero and his best friend, Russel, enjoy plotting adventures and getting into trouble. He's very quiet at first, and tends to intimidate people at first glance because of his wolfish appearance. He is very outgoing and protective with his friends. Loyal, friendly, and goofy best describe him.

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Kirito12/31/14 2:13pm
Aman's character

Preferred Name: Showtime

Real Name: Minori Vincent

Age: 21

Date of Birth: Unknown

Gender: male

Height: 5ft. 7in.

Halo: Showtime has a sparkling, deep purple halo with a yellow outline.

Affiliation: Chaotic Neutral

Powers: Being an illusion manipulator, Showtime can cause targets to see, hear, touch, smell, feel, and/or taste things which do not actually exist and cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. Some of his illusions are so realistic and powerful that they can cause physical effects on the target. Showtime can also create decoys of himself and other people/creatures to distract his target. However, all of Showtime's illusions only have only a temporary effect on the target. His illusions also have no effect on people who have illusion awareness, and he cannot cast illusions when he is bound or in a great deal of physical pain.

Skills: Being a skilled trickster, Showtime is a master of deception and can use his wits to solve/get out of any situation. Showtime is also extremely skilled with dagger combat and always caries a pair of daggers in his vest. He also carries an arrangement of other tools in his vest, including fire crackers, itching powder, smoke bombs, marbles, and other joke themed weapons. Although Showtime can easily handle himself in a fight, he is still very squishy and cannot take a beating very well.

Traits: Clever, cunning, eccentric, mysterious, shady, sarcastic, and a little dark humored with a snarky 'in your face' attitude.

Allies: People who are friendly to him and are not trying to kill/apprehend him.

Enemies: Nightmares, Dark Dreamkeepers, the public, the government, and a number of people whom he has made enemies of in the past. His greatest enemy is a female cybernetic reptile name Zanthus Rex, a high ranking officer in the government who enjoys conducting horrific experimenting on Dreamkeepers for her dark research...

Physical Description: Showtime has always been reported to wear a purple vest along with a purple pair of pants and a purple top hat with a long piece of a red ribbon always drooping down. He also wears a white shirt under his vest, a red bowtie, and a pair of brown shoes. Sharing the traits of a feline and a lemur, Showtime has dark purple fur and has a long tail made up of yellow and purple stripes. His face has a very strong Cheshire cat theme, Having yellow ears, yellow spots on his cheeks, and black eyes with glowing yellow, cat-like pupils.

Bio: Little to nothing is known about this shady fellow. Some speculate that Showtime was raised somewhere on the country side of Anduruna, well away from the troublesome shock troopers. But even so, both the exact location of his birth and the identities of his parents remain a mystery to this day. Although there has been many reports across the globe about his actions, people as today have not found neither his identity nor the extent of his unusual powers. It's almost as if he just appeared out of nowhere. Showtime is a clever and shady fellow who enjoys playing tricks on people and disobeying normal rules and conventional behavior, even going as far as questioning/mocking authority. Because of Showtime's mischievous ways, he has made a bad image of himself onto the public and has made many vengeful enemies.
Recently, there have been a number of reports about sightings of Showtime in Anduruna. Currently, the shock troopers are continuing their search for they mysterious trickster and his whereabouts in Anduruna, with their only evidence being the vast number of reports of Showtime's mischief.

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Kirito12/31/14 2:22pm
My character (alternative, not main)

Name: Russel Moore
Species: Raccoon/fox mix
Appearance: About 5'4, pale brown eyes, short spikey hair. He wears a dark red jacket and cargo shorts. Sports plantigrade legs.
Power: Control of electricity, not yet discovered.
bio: Grew up in Ruskol district. Lives in the house across from Zero's, and is his best friend. He aspires to be a high government official, and reads up on miscellaneous subjects to achieve his goal. He has a vast knowledge of weapons, government policies, and all things Anduruna.

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Kirito1/3/15 7:43am
My character (support, alternate antagonist)

Name: cpt. Will Stark
power: Superhuman Accuracy (includes all things projectile)
Species: Dingo
Affiliation: Shock Trooper, Calypsa Division
Bio: A decently ranking shock trooper, Will is hard working, determined, and arrogant at times. Unbelievably skilled with his Springer.
Age: 25

When using his power, he can hit anything he wants, without putting in much effort. In front or behind, at any direction, up to about half a mile on a flat surface.

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