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Subscribe to this thread Spacestation Game of Madness created by ST34LTH on December 30, 2014

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ST34LTH12/30/14 10:26pm
So playing Artemis with some of you and talking about minecraft and other such crazy and fun small games, I came upon an idea.

If people of this community are interested, then there is a really fun FREE little 2d game out there, by the name of SS13 (SpaceStation 13). It is really wacky game, which can be played in many different ways.

The game is centered on a randomly named spacestation that people arrive at. They assume different roles (some engineers, some officers, some scientists and some become janitors, that laugh and point when people slip on wet floors) and then they begin making sure the station works. This includes preparing foods, establishing a stable energy production and all sort of tasks, both small and large.

From here, the mayhem usually begins. Depending on the event (the basic way for the game to ranomize the rounds and make them even more interesting), the AI might go Hal9000 on the crew, meteor showers might start raining, aliens might invade, and so on. The point of the game varies; some like to just run a basic station and be a little more serious, some like to focus on events and do what must be done (given the specific event) and some just want to robust everyone and everything (toolbox to the face = robusting, for reference :P).

The game is a lot of fun once you get a little used to it. The technical aspects are deceptively complex, despite the 'archaic' 2d graphics, and the mayhem of organizing a crew and random events, can give the captain and chiefs more of a headache than they can handle XD.

The game runs on the Byond Engine and is pretty easy to install and can be endless fun, because two rounds rarely end the same exact way. The humour is also wacky and quite hilarious.

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DanWithTheHat1/2/15 6:34pm
That sounds interesting. I'm definitely gonna check it out.

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ST34LTH1/3/15 1:32am
The only real downside to this, is that it would require a fair few of us, for it to actually work. There are a certain number of stations that need to be filled for the station to work at all.

But a big plus, is that any pc should be able to handle it.

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Aman37121/5/15 12:26pm
This sounds ls pretty interesting!

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ST34LTH1/15/15 10:36am

If people are up for it, we need to make it happen ;3

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MobileCrusader1/25/15 9:47am
i keep forgetting to buy this.

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ST34LTH1/25/15 12:48pm
Hmm? It's a free game? Unless of course you were talking about Artemis.

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