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Subscribe to this thread Shock Troopers created by Kirito on December 28, 2014

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Kirito12/28/14 1:35pm
A place where Shocks can be badass with their springers and expert coordination

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/28/14 1:39pm
I wonder who we can ship them with :P

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Kirito12/28/14 1:40pm
XD we seem to be very good at that no? Hm....

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/28/14 1:50pm

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Kirito12/28/14 1:51pm
I'm trying to see all the gear they have

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DanWithTheHat12/28/14 2:00pm
Well some of them got shipped to fight the Neon Knifes and got slaughtered in Vol 3.... O wait not THAT type of shipping.... :P

Seriously now, I really want to see more of how the shock troopers are organized and trained. So far, we have only see them when they are deployed and in action. Maybe we will see how they inner workings of the shock trooper organization with a Ravat/Igrath flashback?

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Kirito12/28/14 2:04pm
Lol Dan, gosh that was probably the goriest scene in the GNS

and about the learning about them, I hope so! That would be awesome.

So far heres what I got:

Springers [Full sized rifles & pistols]
Thermal Filter Goggles

and I'm not sure if they carry sparkers or not

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DanWithTheHat12/28/14 2:11pm
Well they did use the sparkers against Igrath, Scinter, and Grunn.

They also used throwing knives as well. One got stuck in Scinter leg...

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Kirito12/28/14 2:15pm
Did the shocks use the sparkers? Or did Igrath and Scinter?

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Kirito12/28/14 2:16pm
also look at the direction the sparkers are bouncing in

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Kymastrider12/28/14 2:25pm
It was Igrath who said to Scinter to use sparkers as the shock troopers thermal optics would block out the smoke bombs.

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Kirito12/28/14 2:33pm
could you rephrase that I don't understand

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TFeathersB12/28/14 3:12pm
I always feel sorry for the police/guards/security who go to work one morning and end up getting in the hero's way. At least Igrath kept it non-lethal.

Also, the Shock Troopers look cool.

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DanWithTheHat12/28/14 4:05pm
Oh yeah, it was Scinter that had the sparklers.. My bad.

Kirito: What he meant was that Igrath told Scinter to use sparklers as smoke bombs don't work due to their heat vision optics.

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Kirito12/28/14 7:16pm
ah ok yeah thanks Dan

@Feathers yeah they look boss

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