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Subscribe to this thread Happy Holidays created by Kirito on December 24, 2014

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Kirito12/24/14 7:44am
Happy whatever you celebrate =)

In my case christmas, so merry almost christmas =)

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FoxPhantom12/24/14 8:00am
Hope you guys have a merry christmas as well ^^

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DanWithTheHat12/24/14 10:23am
I hope everyone has a great Christmas or at the very least an enjoyable time off from work/school. Just watch out for the Krampus!

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Kirito12/24/14 10:26am
I'll try Dan =)

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ST34LTH12/24/14 10:52am
Happy Christmas, Holidays, Xmas, Hanuka, Kwanzaa, etc.

Let's start it off with some silly ERBoH :3

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Aman371212/26/14 7:33am
Merry X-mas everyone!

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