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Subscribe to this thread I'm dreaming up some RP Ideas created by Kirito on December 16, 2014

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Kirito12/16/14 6:27pm
(By the way it's your turn in TRS)

The pvp system? I've used it in all my rp's and it's worked out. We could mix in dice rolls for certain things like sword skills but as for complete reliance on the dice roll

1. it would be way more complicated than need be
2. it would remind me of 3 kids in a basement playing DaD

neither of which are desirable. And like I said, this will be made when TRS ends.

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CoolCoyote12/16/14 6:46pm
Dawwwww XD but ok.

I generally dont use dice rolls unless the party agrees with it.

And I will post soon...but no promisies on tonight XD

So which rp did you think woupd be more interesting to run then? Gang war or SAO?

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Kirito12/16/14 6:53pm
SAO would be pretty easy, and it is a action packed adventure. So I'm leading towards sao. But a gang war would be so complex...agh, I won't abandon the idea of a gang war rp, but I'm sayin SAO. You?

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ST34LTH12/17/14 5:11am
Gang war and Extollo are both awesome ideas, but require a lot of work for maximum enjoyance all-round. That doesn't mean they should be counted out though; they really are interesting concepts. There is just something about the simplicity and possibilities of a dungeon crawler however.

I personally adhere to the honour system, but apparenly unlike Kirito, I believe that the dice system actually helps beginners; and the less creative, as well as the more immature, by giving them a system to support their rp'ing. Not that that seems necesary for the rp'ers in this community.

I have an idea for a nice impulse driven system, that will add more unpredictability and room for fancy and well written combat scenes. We could have the combat be based on an honour system and let 'players' and GM figure a way for it to run smoothly and still preserve some intensity (instead of just "he punches, hits", "opponent punches and hits"), while using multiple dice to decide 'rooms' we enter and events we 'trigger'. An example of this could be to use two dice and have a list of 11 possible types of rooms for one floor, giving them numbers based on rarity (with numbers closer to 7 being common and closer to 2/12 being rarer), like for instance an old treasury/armoury being rare and a plain corridor being the most common. This would keep it interesting and unpredictable, even for the GM, although it certainly does have the problem of every RNG, that it can mean the utter exclusion of certain scenarios, because of dumb luck or lack thereof.

Another system is the use of predrawn 'maps', that only the GM is privy to, with predefined/partially random numbers of specific types of rooms, placed in about as random an order as could be done by the GM. This system however suffers from typically less enjoyable play for the GM (unless he only is the dungeon master) and that a somewhat predictable pattern eventually emerges for the participating rp'ers.

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Kirito12/17/14 11:55am
Stealth, it wouldn't just be a dungeon crawler, the premise is that every floor is a seperate world with its own separate characteristics. Each floor has several dungeons and what not.

The dice mechanism would perhaps work for the dungeons, but what about above ground scenarios? And I think dice would add a good feel of unknowing. I'm thinking dice would be used to also determine effectiveness of sword skills. (have you seen the anime? It's an excellent reference.)

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ST34LTH12/17/14 12:24pm
Ahh, I see. And to be fair, no, I haven't watched SAO. I've considered it, but also heard a lot of mixed reviews from people I know and a lot of the more negative ones came from people who generally have the same tastes as me.

That it isn't all dungeons is good though. Such an environment can only take you so far, before losing its edge. I'll have to admit that I'm not entirely sure I understand how the rp would go, given my lack of understand about SAO, but it still sounds interesting, so as long as you've got that handled, I'd probably be on board :P

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Kirito12/17/14 12:33pm
Here, have a example of a fight scene. This is a PvP based on characters in TRS

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Zero shouted as the wolf slowly got up from a crouch, grinning like a psychopath. "I'll tell you what I'm doing. I'm gonna' tear you apart." The wolf laughed and launched himself at Zero. Zero rolled to the left and drew his knife. "You think you can kill me with that toothpick?" The wolf spat. He reached for his waist and made a grab for his springer holster. Zero threw his knife at the wolf's head. The wolf knocked the dagger to the ground and pulled out his springer and fired off a shot. (here is where a dice would come into play. Let's say Zero got hit.) The small ball of metal dug into Zero's shoulder. blah blah blah etc etc etc etc yada yada yada

And you should realllyyyyyy watch the anime. It's friggin fantastic. At least the first few episodes, you'll get a feel of the world.

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ST34LTH12/17/14 12:59pm
Understanding the combat system wasn't the problem, or at least I don't think so, but rather how the world would be 'rendered'. In regards to your example, wouldn't the dagger throw also require a roll?

About watching SAO, I probably will, but I'm currently being 'pressured' into watching about 30 different animes, so yeah... :S

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Kirito12/17/14 1:01pm
Nah. Dagger throws are weak.

(And about the combat system. I know you might understand, but others might not know what I was trying to portray. Just a better example.)

I could give you the jist of the show if you'd prefer.

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ST34LTH12/17/14 1:27pm
Not sure I see how dagger throws are inferior at that range. I might be from a different kind of text-rps, so I apoligize if I'm a bit slow on the uptake; are there any rules about weapons and weapon strengths one needs to take into account?

And about 'the jist of it', I'll probably understand it better when I see it in action. Thanks for the offer however.

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Kirito12/17/14 1:32pm
in the example Zero threw it more as a distraction.

As for rules, the only rules would be not to Gmod and limit yourself in power. If we were to do this rp, it would be required for each person joining to have a separate, unique weapon. (eg. One person has a bow, one person has a claymore, whatever.) Everyone will be pretty equal in power.

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ST34LTH12/17/14 1:56pm
Ahh, distraction settles that issue then :)

Understandable approach with the unique weapons. I figured those'd be the rules; its a pretty selfexplanatory honour system. I just needed to make sure that we didn't have two completely different ideas about what it meant.

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Kirito12/17/14 2:02pm
Yup =). The usuall. No Gmoding, no auto hit (except if it's on a non important npc). I think it would be fun. The possibilities of the world are endless!

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CoolCoyote12/17/14 9:25pm
Yes sorry about that. I was the one who suggested a dungeon crawl. XD

If you want a good feel for SAO the first two episodes are really all you need to see.

The show kind of lost most its suspence after the first season for reasons that would give you spoilers XD the other seasons fill the gap left with DRAMA and touching speeches about strength. And it has the tendency to create detailed awesome side characters best, appear in the background once or twice after their main appearence.

That said, I still watch it so it has some good points as well :3

I also just realized you named yourself after the main character as well Kirito so I'm going to imagine you have a story already lined up for it XD

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Aman371212/25/14 6:43am
What is auto hitting exactly?

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