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Subscribe to this thread I'm dreaming up some RP Ideas created by Kirito on December 16, 2014

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Kirito12/16/14 3:54pm
I really want TRS to continue going strong (3 members FTW) But when I finish that one, I'll be RP-less! *bum bum bummmmmmmmmm*

Heres some ideas for a new RP after TRS finishes:

A rp set in the Extollo time period, during the war

A SAO based rp, ask if you don't know, set inside Dreaworld

A gangwar type rp where there can be members on either side, fighting eachother in an epic power struggle.

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joeden12/16/14 3:58pm
Sounds fun.

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Kirito12/16/14 3:59pm
which one?

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ST34LTH12/16/14 4:09pm
I'm guessing SAO refers to the anime?

The Extollo one sounds really interesting, but might need quite a bit gamemaster directing to run smoothly

Gangwar sounds interesting as well, though I'm wondering about where and when it would be, since a downright gangwar would mean increased attention to the district(s) and would make power usage dificult (as a result of Shock Trooper readiness)

Sorry if I'm a downer, just hoping to be of help with my experience with Text-RPs

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Kirito12/16/14 4:14pm
You do pose some serious concerns. Yes, the SAO one refers the anime.

As for the Extollo ones, it would be fairly difficult. It would require everyone involved to read the history section in full and understand the happenings. some speculation would also be required to make the rp run smoothly. But of the three that one is the most epic if it could be pulled off.

The Gangwar would be either during the present or just before the last war of powers. I would lean towards present for the use of technology and modern weapons like springers. As for the shocks, both gangs would be fighting them while fighting the other gang, while the shocks battle both gangs. It would be very complex and interesting, and would require some serious narrative and guidance to clear any confusion.

For narrative I could always use drawings to portray a scene or what I'm trying to communicate

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ST34LTH12/16/14 4:33pm
I'd personally suggest the gangwar one being in the past then, since I believe we get a wrong first impression of them in the comics. If they truly are capable of flattening power infractor resistance, they most be coordinated and tough as hell. But then again, we don't have to be perfectionists.

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Kirito12/16/14 4:37pm
I think "gang" as a term itself conjures up the wrong image. We're talking about organized crime- a mafia, if you will. Very coordinated, Very tough, Very lethal. It would be like an underground battle kinda thing, on the surface, the public knows nothing.

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CoolCoyote12/16/14 5:05pm
Until a building explodes or the tommey gun springers appear :3 already being in 3 rps atm (two started at least) If I join it will probibly not be a very indepth role. Something simple, like helping with npcs. Or dice rolling.

SAO is a refrence to sword art online. Where people became trapped in a final fantasy styled video game world and had to clear 100 dungeons to escape. If their hp dropped to zero the virtual gear they wore on their head would basically fry their brain.

I do like the idea of having adventures run through a dungeon. The gm rolls dice against the players and their fates are left up to how well they roll.

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ST34LTH12/16/14 5:07pm
@Kirito - I figured as much, but I still don't think they'd stand much of a chance if the Shocks said enough was enough. Unless ofcourse we assume that the lack of actual resistance has made them weaker and thus aren't prepared for something of such a scale? I dunno, there are many possibilities, and in the end it is more important to just to have fun anyway.

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Kirito12/16/14 5:08pm
Have you watched SAO CC? It's fantastic.

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CoolCoyote12/16/14 5:13pm
I liked the first season the most.

Also, i do like the idea of just spawning several alts into a dungeon setting with out saying how they came together. Then have them fight monsters / solve puzzles / take turns at getting past a trap.

It works best if the alt or npc is ecpendable though and has a chance of dying completely at random XD

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ST34LTH12/16/14 5:16pm
Indeed, and the more you talk about it, the more interested I get in the idea.

I think I smell pointless mayhem and adventure ahead :3

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CoolCoyote12/16/14 6:10pm
Both sound pretty interesting.

If we ran the SAO, or dungeon crawling story, it works best if we decide what kind of dungeon we are running with and how many obsticals (traps, enemies etc etc) we run through before encountering the final boss.

We should also decide before hand how to roll the dice.

The forum only lets us roll 6 sided dice (D6)

So, easiest method is to roll a single dice or two dies. Lower numbers equal different levels of failure visa versa for high rolls.

(Fox attacks the monster! Uses a d6!)
(Fox rolls a 6! The monster's head goes flying off and knocks dead the three other monsters behind it.
(Fox rolls a 4-5! He spashes the monster and it is wounded!"
(Fox rolls a 2-3! The blade misses! The monster counters and slashes at his now exposed back!
(Fox rolls a 1! His sword breaks. The monster slashes him in two and wears him like a hat.
You can even add hit points, so to speak. Having a set number of rolls you can lose before your proverbial luck runs out or your alt becomes too wounded and dies.

meathod 2 is each party rolls a single d6.

(Fox attacks the monster. Fox rolls 5. Monster rolls 4)

The difference between the roll determins the extent of the success / failure.

+1-2 difference = slight success
+3-4 =major success
+5= guarenteed success.

Or, for that good old fashioned rpg feel we stat our alts with something like, body, mind, power (if needed) etc etc and roll as many dice as our stat allows.

Method 4. We use 3 dice to roll. Each time you lose a roll you lose a single die, so next time you roll 2 dice and so on and so forth until you run out of dice and then the character dies.

Personally, i prefure method 1 or 4.

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Kirito12/16/14 6:16pm
*Holds hands up* woah bro. calm down there.

Okay, glad there's some interest! For an SAO roleplay, it would start on the first floor boss. No idea how they got there, nothing. You're in a clan called Knights of the Firefoxes (or not, your choice) and you're journeying to floor 99. No other floors have been unlocked.

As for the PVP, I've never tried dice roll. I've usually done text based fighting and the honor system.


The wolf unsheathed his sword and swung it violently at opponents head
The fox unsheathed his own sword and parried away the blade
The wolf jumps back
The fox advances on wolf
The Wolf prepares blade for strike

end ex.

It would be WAY more detailed, but the only reason I lean more towards this is it allows for begginer RPers to join in. I also don't plan on dying at the role of the dice, but I can see getting injured. You all can decide what you would like most and I'll draw up a storyboard

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CoolCoyote12/16/14 6:23pm
Lol! Sorry XD

Yes that makes sense :3

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