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Subscribe to this thread A request for assistance created by ST34LTH on December 14, 2014

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ST34LTH12/14/14 8:40am
(If uninterested in the background, skip to the 'Important' part further down.)

Since I've been here for a few days now, and have tried to read as much as I could, I've come to the conclusion that I want your advice in particular, on a subject of some importance to me.

Given that I'm sadly one of a kind among my circle of friends, at least in regards to my desire for authorship, I don't really have many to discuss my works-in-progress with; which is where you lot come in, if you so desire, since I've noticed that a lot of you like writing and/or have at least tried to do it yourself at some point.

If you want to see some of my works to get a feel of how I write, then that is a going to be very dificult, since I've (until recently at least) thrown out works in the double digits, with nothing to show for my effort. Anyways...

### Important ###

I'm currently working on a steampunk story and have been wanting to add in a limited selection of anthropomorphic species, spawned by an unnaturally accelerated evolution, courtesy of a world that nearly got destroyed (and as such became... a little chaotic) by an over-ambitious human industrialization. They are not quite as human (physically), as most anthros are made, retaining a clear majority of their feline/canine physiology traits.

For me the problem isn't whether or not it could fit in the lore of the world, but whether or not canid and felid anthros are a little too cliché. I know I might be asking the wrong people here (given a collective liking of furry :3), but I've come to sense a common respect for the creative arts.

I began reading Two Kinds recently, which is what made me think about it, since their Keidran species is somewhat similar to what I had in mind. I want my writing to be somewhat unique, but still familiar enough that people can follow.

So in short, could you give me your two cents, on whether I should add them or not?

P.S.: Thanks in advance.

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Kirito12/14/14 8:46am
Well, I may be one-sided in my preferences being a furry myself, but I think you should add them. It wouldn't be cliche as long as you don't only rely on canid or feline anthros in my opinion. I would also love to see your work =)

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ST34LTH12/14/14 9:29am
My plans so far are that they wouldn't be the only species that had evolved, but I'm thinking that since they are more classical domestic animals, they didn't evolve so much in a bigger/faster/harder/stronger direction (as most other animals did), but rather evolved more towards intelect and abstract thinking. Some of the things included are the capabilities to learn languages, to be able to walk bipedally more naturally, but also for instance the evolution of more hand like limbs (something that I'm thinking the canids didn't evolve as much as the felids for example).

As with all things I add to my story, it is always put through the 'what-if' ruitine. That is part of why I don't want them to be too human, since they are a very young species and likely didn't have the time to create the same culture and practices we have, meaning that they for instance still don't know of metallurgy for one.

P.S.: Everything I write here isn't entirely set in stone btw and any comments or ideas are more than welcome.

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Kirito12/14/14 11:17am
I can imagine that, domestic animals are usually in a very controlled environment, so the need for evolution is very minimal, rendering natural selection useless. I think it would be a good idea for them to become sentient, bipedal, speaking, and maybe have some sort of hand, with some sort of opposable thumb to allow them to manage everyday tasks.

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ST34LTH12/16/14 3:42am

Sorry for my selfishness, but I'm hoping that people didn't respond because they missed it or planned to and forgot. I won't keep this thread artificially alive, but I really could use some opinions. (Not that I don't value Kirito's, but I'm aiming for a larger samplesize)

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DanWithTheHat12/16/14 4:25pm
Based on your premise of accelerated evolution, maybe you can focus on animals that are endangered/expected to become endangered pending further industrialization or have exhibited bouts of relatively rapid evolution in the past? Like Kirito said, domesticated animals or even animals that have adapted to life in an urban environment like Raccoons or Squirrels have minimal need to evolve at that rate. That would be a good way to justify certain Canids and felids.

As for whether they are cliche or not, it all depends on the context. As long as you describe how that tribe or group of anthro-dogs/foxes/wolves/cats got there with a believable explanation that fits in with the accelerated evolution premise, I wouldn't worry too much about being cliche.

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ST34LTH1/25/15 9:09pm
Since I'll take it a step further and be a bit more all-inclusive with my projects, I've made new and more descriptive thread. Here, have a link:

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