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Subscribe to this thread Greetings from the Dane created by ST34LTH on December 9, 2014

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Asora1/6/15 5:17pm
So, for the furaffinity story, do you have to download it? It's because that I am clicking on the box that says "STORY", but, it does nothing. Then, I saw a link that says "download" right below it. Does this mean that I have to dowload it, or what?

Also, I am not that familiar to furaffinity, so, sorry. :P

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ST34LTH1/6/15 7:55pm
Perhaps we should make a new dedicated thread for that Owl, instead of giving me the longest Salutations thread out there XD

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WiseOwlReader1/6/15 8:22pm
Alright, I'll move the links to a new thread. And as for the Furaffinity story, you have to download it to read it. It's a small document, that's it.

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Asora1/7/15 8:55am

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DanWithTheHat1/7/15 9:06pm
People can't get enough of ya ST34LTH! XD

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ST34LTH1/7/15 9:30pm
Seems like it XD

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ST34LTH1/10/15 4:31pm
For those of you who have become used to seeing me on at night hours (or rather just evening hours for the majority of you) every day (more or less), you're going to have to refamilarize yourself with when I'm available. Starting from next week, I'll be working and can as such no longer be up when I prefer. The days this count are the expected weekdays +sundays.

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Kirito1/10/15 4:35pm
sounds good. Hope you make all the money for da honies

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ST34LTH1/10/15 4:46pm
It's sadly not good money, but at least I can keep living and studying for a proper job and pay.

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Kirito1/10/15 4:47pm
aw =( but whatever you need to do.

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Asora1/10/15 4:52pm
I just downloaded the fanfiction from FF onto my flashdrive! :D

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Aman37121/11/15 12:06pm
Well good luck with your job :)

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ST34LTH1/11/15 12:36pm
Ty, it'll hopefully be a fun distraction from usual education, if nothing else.

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Asora1/11/15 12:41pm
Is the job you have any good?

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ST34LTH1/11/15 12:47pm
Meh, it's okay I suppose, and it's technically not a job, but then again... Let's just say it's a little complicated, but at least I get to work with all the electronics I want :3

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