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Subscribe to this thread Tedril's Demise created by Kymastrider on December 4, 2014

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Kirito3/16/15 6:24pm
That makes me so excited! New prelude book set!

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Kobalt953/16/15 6:38pm

That blog post is from 2013- Dave was talking about the first Prelude Collection in that one.

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Kymastrider3/17/15 7:49am
Lol @Kirito

You thought it was the next prelude collection? I would have been excited to if that was the case. I however still need to own the first prelude collection.

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DanWithTheHat3/17/15 5:15pm
Fun fact: the original version of Tendril's Demise showed Mace with a halo. it was removed in later postings...

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Kymastrider3/17/15 5:36pm
What color was mace's halo? that's something I always wanted to know

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Kirito3/17/15 6:16pm
wow literally crying over here I got so hyped

nah, my bad XD

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