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Subscribe to this thread Base assats to any DK related mods or games created by Ice4smaster on February 11, 2013

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Ice4smaster2/11/13 2:27am
Now i have ideas and desire DK game before as much same as any of us, but to pull it off we need quite a big effort and need to be united too, but theres more to it. Since right now we phantom diferent type of games, this be trickier, but we like diferent type of games, but i think we could give a start boost. And what better would be, to have high definbation models preped of characters. For the time being. Now MLP fandom have pulled this off nicely for Gmod, the models are quite convincing and well enough animated, but they been tremendus amount of work. Thing is once the models there they are portable, so be it for Gmod, or lets say a more ambitiosus mode, or a "scaled" and simplafied version down to a different type of game ( Starcraft 2 which i can mod personly ) would open a lot of opportunities to spread DK beyond. Now All DK character and there design is adorable and catchy. Whip any one? XD But where to start lol. I think at the very begining, Mace, and then Lilith, then Whip and Namah, after Bast and Vi. with the main characters out and made it could give a start, a boost, combust things in motion. Beside this we could pick engine / game to introduce them, but then agen others could pick them too. Heres an example what i think the quality of the model should be ( and yes none hurt Derpy! grrrr XP ) ok might think i crazy XD; but if a quality like this could be hit, with Mace, or Vi ( we all adore Vi hehe ) then it's a winner Thoughs? =)

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ezioauditore972/22/13 6:16pm
It is definitely possible.This would be worth pushing during the summer and with such an active fan base the quality should be nice.

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