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Subscribe to this thread Standard greeting. created by Shadowcat on November 24, 2014

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BryanDimmsdale11/28/14 9:39pm
@Asora: I've rather floop the pig than flip the bird.

@Shadowcat: Well hello there, Shadow! Usually I'm not very common with the greeting forums, and I'm certainly not good at greetings myself. (Oh I wish I can make me a general greeting guidelines like Asora does).

So anyways, Shadow, are you more of a discussion and theory type, or more of a roleplaying or DK chatting type? I'm not very common in roleplays, I can tell you that; but you'll usually see me in the DK Lounge commenting, discussing, and elaborating theories and stuff.

Tip in here: Don't mess with the moderators, especially the "Mighty Potato", because the moment he/they realizes that somethings going off, that 'edit button' is more likely to be used, and you don't like being edited in a very harsh, but friendly way.

Other than that, I think you're fine, oh how I wish I could greet the other new members, that includes you BloodyGold, Codefreak, and Kyma. I could do it right now, but eh, time will tell, and you'll will usually see me anyways.


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CoolCoyote11/28/14 11:20pm
*Returns with a potato pealer in hand*

Welcome again! I for one am also interested in if you rp or not. Me I am a role player and dont spend much time in the lounge as it kind of has spoilers for the story XD

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Asora11/29/14 6:35am
Yeah, I have to confess, but don't end up like me though. There are at times were PotatoFox edits or deletes my posts due to "explicit" content, including DanWithTheHat too. Nothing personal, just, well, ya know.

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Shadowcat11/29/14 10:10am
I'm a cat now, Yey.

Why not all of the above?

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Asora11/29/14 11:41am


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