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Subscribe to this thread Most Favorite Character? created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on November 21, 2014

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Asora1/28/15 8:17am
"It's 11:59, and I can't wait till the clock strikes 12, so I can JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP! I just wanna JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP! Everybody JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP! YEE-HA! :D"

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Kymastrider2/25/15 6:44pm
Thought id bring back this thread.

My new top ten are

1. Karo
2. Evzen
3. Namah
4. Indigo Twins
5. Vi
6. Bast
7. Bill
8. Bobby
9. Vanth
10 Wisp

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crazyhead422/25/15 7:18pm

... I have a thing for girls, but I kinda am Bill.

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Dawonguy2/25/15 7:44pm
I've done some rethinking so as of now

1. Namah (seems crazy at first but the prelude made her seem reasonable)
2. Vanth (nothing really more to add from last time)
3. Bill (I've started liking him ever since the interrogation)
4. Vi (probably one of the most capable character in DK yet still a good sport)
5. Bobby (still the much needed big brother and probably too nice for his own good)
6. Woods (sarcasm ftw)
7. Lilith (still the much needed big sister)
8. Igrath (kind of the only adult in the whole cast I would actually trust)
9. Paige (so innocent and gone so soon)
10. Mace (still meh, but decent for a protagonist)

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sporefox12/25/15 8:12pm
1. Whip & Paige (they tied in my mind)
2. Viriathus
3. Mace
4. Bill
5. Namah
6. Lilith
7. Bobby

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WiseOwlReader2/25/15 9:42pm
I'll go with my top 3:

1. Namah - She's witty and has a wicked sense of humor.
2. Viriathus - Tough as nails and takes no shit from anyone, love her for that.
3. Bast - He's a loner type character and somewhat of an ass, but he's endearing in a way that you love him for it. It takes quite some talent to create a character like that.

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FoxBrethren5/31/15 11:07pm
Can I share? Who doesn't like to talk about things they like?

I have a top 5... and the order isn't necessarily the order of favorites, most of my favorites are probably about equal to each other.

1. Bast - He really resonated with me in volume 1 honestly. The moment he asked Lilith out he seemed emotionally vulnerable which makes his abrasive behavior something I can relate to even if I myself find it hard to be as assertive and aggressive as he is. He hasn't disappointed since either.
2. Viriathus - She gives off a strong tomboy vibe and I've always been a fan of those, probably because it offsets my less than masculine nature.
3. Namah - Acerbic wit.
4. Mace - Improvised fighting, wit(see Namah), and all around a great friend to have.
5. Lilith - Bookworm, altruism, and probably the fact that she's the one that brings the main 5 together. Think about it, Mace and Bast are chasing her romantically and Namah at least in the beginning only has reason to want to keep her safe. Whip's the only one that isn't directly brought into the fold by her presence but he's pretty much a package deal with Mace since Mace is his translator.

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NatChon6/1/15 1:39pm
I second that list, @FoxBretheren, but also because I can relate to all of them.

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NatChon6/1/15 1:52pm
Also to add to this list

in no particular order,
for the same reason as above.

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NatChon6/1/15 2:57pm
Sorry I have so many messages and they are so far apart, I have been extremely busy lately. With what I was saying earlier, I am like Mace because I find creative solutions to problems that I encounter. I'm like Lilith because I too am a nerd and I tend to be the focal point of bullying. I am like Namah because I can do things that people don't know I do or that people don't think I can do. Like Vi I do things to others because I care about them. Like Bast I have scars from my childhood, no they're not be seen but they still exist. Like Vanth I am being told that I can't do things without being given a chance. And last but certainly not least, Evzen, I can't talk to some girls because they don't want to listen to me because of something that happened in the past.

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MobileCrusader6/2/15 6:34am
1. Namah. Big surprise there I bet.
2. Woods. Or maybe Bill. Can't decide.
3. Bobby.

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Digitigraderobo6/2/15 11:42am
1. Viriathus
2. Mace
3. Bobby
4. Namah

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UltimateBill4/20/16 1:14pm
My favorites (least to most) are...

10. Cal(not sure why but i like him).
9. Mace(He's a good kid, but i wish he would take school and his future more seriously).
8. Whip(Ah Whip. Who DIDN'T want one when they first saw him?).
7. Karo("I'm a nightmare killing machine." Enough said).
6. Vanth(She may be a member of the Neon Knives but i doubt she's like them).
5. Bast(He may seem like a jerk at times, but look at what he's been through. Plus he has my favorite power.
4. Lilith(She's got so much going for her as a character, but she never lets it go to her head. she's always kind and wants whats best for everyone despite how others may treat her).
3. Namah(Definitely one of the best characters. her weekly mayhem makes her the star of the prelude for me).
2. Vi(She's a tomboyish character who likes fashion. She's a strong character that can be quick to rile yet easy to get along with. She's many things and they're balanced out really nicely. I'm always excited to see Vi).
1. Bill(I LOVE BILL!!! I love the underdog types. The ones who are never stars by nature. The ones who's situations are never perfect and whos plans never go off without a hitch. the ones nobody around them quite believes in. The ones who have to climb like hell to get anywhere. they often take a back seat to those around them, but show just as much or more heart and determination when the situation demands it).

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Natemare1179/19/16 6:37pm
1. Namah, mainly because I read the prelude first and that she's had ADD-esc moments which I can tots relate... Oooh what's that! :P

2. Vi cuz she's cool and tomboyish.

3. Wisp, she so cray and cute in a psychotic, multi-personality sorta way.

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