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Subscribe to this thread Karo created by Kymastrider on November 20, 2014

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MobileCrusader11/28/14 12:11pm
I'm guessing those two still have a bit of time left. Mace isn't quite mature enough to inherit their position even if they found out. I'm guessing that Mace will have to kind of step into their shoes when they go, even if he isn't recognized with the same authority as they are.

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Kymastrider1/29/15 9:33am
I love the way karo smiles. His Grin is full of raze sharp raptor teeth. Yet he's super friendly and full of humer. I wonder what the orphanage was like when Bobby Vi and Karo were young and growing up. I'm curious about what a pre-prelude picture of them together would look like.

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DanWithTheHat1/29/15 8:51pm
I'm sure that picture would be of Karo Pulling a prank on Vi while Vi is about to beat the hell out him and Bobby facepalming hard in the background.

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TruthQuest1/30/15 12:48pm
@ DanWithTheHat More like right after the prank, running pel-mel up and down the entire dock with Grunn just knocked of the tip of the boat, in fall, with haft a dozen fermentae bottles about to plonk him in the face!

Karo would be laughing with tears streaming out of his eyes, but for the life of of me I cannot decide whether I want Bobby to be holding a child's toy or homework or both.

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crazyhead422/11/15 7:51pm
Looking at the chat overall, are you suggesting Grun's job is to make sure there are Dreamkeepers in existence who can fight the nightmares?

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Kymastrider12/27/15 5:12pm

I like how one moment he is increadibly hyperactive trying to explain several different things to Woods Damon and Bill at once.

And then he shifts to a very Zen personality when he says "I am a nightmare killing machine"

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BryanDimmsdale12/30/15 8:58am
That guy's smile is infectious. Imagine grinning shark teeth all day long without fatigue. I wonder what toothgel he uses. XD

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Kymastrider2/23/16 6:23pm
We need to bring Karo back.

I have noticed looking through Vol-4 again since this is our first time we finally get to spend time with this character Dave has been building up since the end of Vol-3.

Aside from his very creepy but very friendly razor tooth grin, I have noticed his power seems to be electrical discharge much like Namah. (I take it many Dk's probably posses similar powers since I don't think even dave could come up with a completely original power for every character in the Dreamworld)

Also I noticed since Karo's a Microraptor (like a velociraptor but with feathers like a bird, when I first saw him in Vol-3 I thought he was suppose to be some sort of fish or shark lol) But anyway I've noticed in one panel it looks like he can stretch out his arm and leg feathers and glide a short distance, I dont imagine he's capable flight but he can probably glide very well when the moment calls for it.

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Prometheus3/12/16 2:21pm

I would think Karo's electrical discharge works in the same way as any electricity. If you come in contact with it, you're getting shocked or, at worst, fried. Namah's powers tend to lean more towards kinetic. Her tendrils are used to parry other powers or pummel her enemies. That's just what I think.

And, it was a really nice choice by the Lillies to pick such an exotic creature for Karo. I would love to see how his gliding works, if it does.

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