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Mutations20002/10/13 9:05pm
A continuation of the following thread from the old forum.

Recently, I had an idea for a Dreamkeepers Garry's Mod game mode. Unfortunately, I don't even begin to know how to make these ideas reality, so I'm putting them here in the hope that someone who does will find them. Feel free to make suggestions. A little feedback of any kind would be great!

EDIT: This is mostly just intended as a fun little DK related multiplayer game. A lot of my ideas are really silly, and include all manner of pop culture references and bizarre randomness. So, I hope you like it in spite of that.

General Gameplay:
The gameplay will be very similar to the Chimera Hunt game mode, but with elements of the V.I.P. Escort mode from the original Team Fortress.
There are two teams. One team (Dreamkeeprs/orphans) will have several players, while the other will consist of a single player (the Sandman) who must kill either all the other players or the V.I.P.
Paige is the V.I.P., and the other orphans (Mace included) must defend her from the Sandman.
Dreamkeepers can pick up various objects around the map to use as weapons.
Several of the dreamkeepers can also use their powers, but they have a limited amount of energy, which recharges slowly. Paige cannot use her power, has less stamina than the others, and can only use a few objects as weapons.
All players can sprint. Dreamkeepers sprint by tapping shift, which causes them to sprint until their stamina is depleted. The Sandman sprints by holding shift, allowing it to speed up and slow down as it wishes.
The Sandman has incredibly high health, and regenerates health quickly, making it nearly impossible to defeat. However, if a player manages to sneak up behind it, it can be "killed" with one hit.
The Sandman can also become invisible for short periods of time.
The Sandman's standard attack is to slash at other players with its claws.
In addition to its standard attack, the Sandman has several special abilities. It can fly (which depletes stamina), shriek loudly (rendering nearby dreamkeepers unable to attack for a short time), knock players behind it away with the back of its head, and expel poison gas into the air (which drains dreamkeepers' health, stamina, and power).

Playable Characters:
Players can choose the character they wish to play as. Each character has different objects they can use as weapons. Two players are randomly chosen each round to be Paige and the Sandman.
Most characters can use a sort of generic "light beam"-ish power, which is a different color for each character, and also has a different effect.
Mace can blast the Sandman away, causing it to briefly "ragdoll". This also drains some of its health. He can also wield two weapons at once, and can carry extra weapons as well. He is able to sense when Paige is under attack, and can run faster than most other characters.
Whip is able to fly, but can't use weapons. Instead, he can bite and use his tail as a whip.
Bobby has light powers, which have a similar effect to Mace's. He can use almost all objects as weapons.
Rather than being able to use her powers, Vi deals more damage than other players, and she can also kick opponents. She can use literally all objects as weapons.
Gorse can drain large amounts of stamina from the Sandman. He is fairly strong, and can use food as a weapon.
Narp recovers from the Sandman's shriek more quickly than all other players. He can temporarily stun the Sandman, and can use cooking utensils as weapons.
Each of the Konkord twins can sense when the other is in peril. If the Sandman runs over one of them, it sort of "trips" over them and falls over (a bit odd, as it has no legs, but it might be interesting). They are only able to use small objects as weapons. They are able to drain the Sandman's poison gas attack (Pokemon? LOL!)
Krin and Deral can drain small amounts of health from the Sandman. Each attack slows the Sandman down a bit. Any weapons that Krin can't use can be used by Deral and vice versa.
After defeating the Sandman ten times, Lilith becomes a playable character. She is able to drain large amounts of health from the Sandman, but is able to use very few weapons.
After defeating the Sandman fifteen times, Namah becomes a playable character. She can use her ether tendrils to grab the Sandman and shock it. This does considerable damage to it, but prevents other players from attacking it. Namah can also run and attack more quickly than other characters.
After defeating the Sandman twenty times, Bast becomes a playable character. He can shoot fireballs from his hands. This can ignite the Sandman's poison gas, as well as set the Sandman itself on fire.
Perhaps fan-made Dreamkeepers could be added too. I think it would be cool to play as Maero (my Dreamkeeper). If you agree, post your DK's name, power, and some stats (speed, jump height, etc.)
Maero shoots needle-like projectiles from his fingers. He can run slightly faster than Mace (slightly slower than Namah), and has an equal jump height to Namah. He can use all of the weapons Mace can use, and he cam dual weild. He can not carry extra weapons.
Avolendi can generate a shield using his stamina points, as well as becoming temporarliy invisible. However, his camouflage fails to work if he is in the direct line of sight of an enemy. He has low health, but has high speed and a moderate/high jump. He is able to use most weapons.
If you leave the game after unlocking Lilith, Namah, and Bast, you have to unlock them again (sort of like ranks in Chimera Hunt).
Dreamkeepers always spawn in the same place. The Sandman always spawns in a random location.

Maps should be fairly dark, and have tons of items that can be used as weapons. There are very few places in Dreamkeepers that fit this description (at the moment, anyway), so expect a few locations from other series (along with a few random ones). I might also add several variations of certain maps to the list.
A good example: Grunn's Orphanage (Storm). Basically, Grunn's orphanage as we see it in Chapter 2.
Sabbaton Tower (Upper Levels/Storm). Basically, Sabbaton Tower as we see it in the first half of chapter 3.
Down To Goblin Town. This would be a map that closely mirrors the goblin caves in the 1977 Rankin/Bass animated movie of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit". It might be cool if Gollum's lair was included in this. The mouth of the cave just happens to be located roughly half way up a steep cliff face, and it is raining outside. ... Seriously, though, that movie WAS my childhood. If this mod ever gets made, this map would make my life complete.
Bralgu. Need I say more? This one would be absolutely brutal, much like Giygas in Chimera Hunt. Plenty of cliffs to fall off of and pits to fall into.
Starfall Caves. The cave at the base of the Starfall mountains, which I had a dream about. (
Shipwreck. Basically, this:
Bralgu (Hard Difficulty). The same as Bralgu, but with multiple Sandmen (all but one of which are NPC's).
Cathedral. I probably only thought of this one because I was listening to this (, but I think this would be cool. Basically, just a gothic cathedral.
Bralgu (Brutal Difficulty). The same as Bralgu (Hard Difficulty), but with Ravat replacing the only player-controlled Sandman. Ravat is as strong and fast as the Sandman, but can use powers and weapons like the Dreamkeepers. He also can not be instantly killed from behind, but takes more damage from attacks to his head and back.
Grunn's Orphanage (Hard Difficulty). Grunn's Orphanage with the Sandman replaced by Ravat.
Grunn's Orphanage (Brutal Difficulty). Grunn's Orphanage (Hard Difficulty) with a Sandman added to the mix.
Anduruna (Night). The largest map by far. This is just what it sounds like: Anduruna in the dead of night.
Sabbaton Tower (Hard Difficulty). Basically, Sabbaton Tower, but with Tinsel replacing the Sandman. Tinsel is about as fast as Namah, and can use her hair to whip, grab, and shock other players (she's just like Namah, but evil).
Sabbaton Tower (Brutal Difficulty). Sabbaton Tower (Hard Difficulty), but with Ravat added into the mix.
Starfall Caves (Hard Difficulty). This is essentially just Starfall Caves, but it replaces the Sandman with Wisp. Wisp can fly like Whip, and is a bit faster than Namah. Whenever she kills another player, that player becomes another Wisp.
Starfall Caves (Brutal Difficulty). Starfall Caves (Hard Difficulty) with a Smiley added. The Smiley, unlike the other players, can not jump. It is fairly slow when it's not sprinting, but it has a very powerful attack. Its only attack is to pull other players into its mouth and eat them. It is very weak against Lilith's attacks.

There shouldn't be much in the way of background music, but there should be little jingles for things like defeating the Sandman, dying, the Sandman killing Paige, etc.
There should be a few secret areas from which music can be turned on and off (much like the hidden room of Club Titiboo in Chimera Hunt).

Before continuing, I must warn you that I'm addicted to allusion, so expect references to everything here.
There is a sort of arm-cannon hidden in Sabbaton Tower. It is incredibly hard to find, and even harder to get (unless you're Namah). It does a great deal of damage to the Sandman, but also kills friendly players instantly.
In Sabbaton Tower, there is a jukebox hidden in what appears to be a supply closet. When activated, it plays either "Crash" as performed by Matt Willis ( or a sped up version of "Take A Chance on Me" by Abba (
Sabbaton Tower is usually dark, but it is possible to turn the lights from a janitor's closet on one of the uppermost levels.
In Down To Goblin Town, an old gramophone can be found in a hidden room near the entrance to Gollum's lair. When turned on, it plays "Down, Down To Goblin Town" from the soundtrack to "The Hobbit" (
Alright, I'm done with musical secrets/easter eggs... Unless you want more...
In Sabbaton Tower, there is a way to climb into the vents. This allow you to access Namah's room, where you can get extra (special) weapons.
In Down To Goblin Town, it is possible to find "the One Ring", which allows you to become invisible. However, you lose health while wearing it, and the Sandman's attacks do more damage to you as well.
In Shipwreck, there are several secret areas that can be opened to other players from the inside by Whip.
In Shipwreck, there is a skeleton that looks suspiciously like Grunn's hidden in a secret area.
In Bralgu, there is a large secret room that contains an odd assortment of objects. Several of these objects can be used as weapons (Vi can use all of them as weapons in some way). They include a crow bar, a bottle of Scotch, a library card, a pair of gloves, a bobby pin, a rope, several pieces of paper, a journal, a pair of binoculars, a shovel, a small roll of microfilm, and a glowing sledgehammer. There are also several shards of a broken mirror, the frame of which stands at the far end of the room. If anyone understands the significance of these objects, I feel very sorry for them...
In Starfall Caves, there is a large pool of water at the base of a cliff. If you swim through a tunnel at the bottom of the pool, you can find several powerful weapons.
In Cathedral, there is a pair of what appears to be mechanical wings. These can be used by ligher characters (Mace, Namah, Vi, Lilith, Bast, Bobby, Maero, etc.) to fly around.

I'll probably post more ideas and edit these sometime in the future.

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ezioauditore972/22/13 6:11pm
These are very good ideas and GMOD is popular so when this thing really gets popular then it will hopefully be possible.Might also want to get some ideas for the more important animations like how the some of the characters might run,how the sandman attacks,death animations(delete body parts and replace with red mist or just simply drop although that does not inspire terror of the sandman as much)*Now if you look hard enough there might be some user made maps that will do for the moment.
Good luck with that!

*Depends on how dark you want to make it.

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DarkAnge12/25/13 4:08pm
Wow. And I was just hoping someone would make some DreamKeepers NPCs or at least some models.

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Mutations20002/25/13 9:06pm
Oh wow... The formatting basically just died. I'll fix it! ... If I can...

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ezioauditore972/27/13 6:06am
This will become a possibility hopefully as the community grows so here's hoping!

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Mutations200012/9/13 11:00am
Finally decided to come back and fix this thread. My computer logged me out of all my online accounts for some reason, so I'm trying to find them all and log back in. This was one of them, so I decided I'd come back for a bit.

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ZycantAlpha12/9/13 4:55pm
It might also be a good idea to set a particular time limit to the rounds before the Sandman loses since it seems to be significantly more powerful than Team Dreamkeeper at first glance.

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ezioauditore9712/9/13 4:58pm
That would be a good idea.

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joeden12/9/13 6:04pm
Zycant has a good point it's no fun if one side is insanely overpowered, then the other you want it to be something like this on the chance board very easy players=70% sandman=30, easy players=60 sandman=40, medium 50/50, hard players 40% sandman 60% Very hard players 30 sandman 70. Then you can do something like insane mode which is 10% players 90% sandman which would be for the hardcore players. but only with an AI sandman for CO OP and for multiplayer 50% all the way. but this is just an idea; but you want to avoid the one problem most mopg's are having, which is catering. You want to cater to the casuals while letting the Hardcore players sink their teeth into something that will make them want to come back for more and have a hard time doing.

Another idea i'd like to give would be for the UI which should be something warhammer 40k space marine's simple allow easy access to the controls and easy to use control's because the easiest control systems, simple like Diablo's are what make the game fun. So 4 switches from power to picked up weapons that have a simple combo ability setting to them, mainly because players want to jump into the game and have fun without the whole aspect of having to spend hours trying to figure out how to hit thingie A with thingie B. But then again if you make it to easy people will complain. But the other thing to add in is keybindings allow people to set their own keybindings and have as much freedom as possible. One last thing i`d like to say if you're going to do the character movements best do something like warhammer 40k space marine or warcraft.

Hope these ideas are interesting to you or give you ideas.

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Mutations200012/11/13 10:28pm
I fixed the links now! And thanks for the suggestions.

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